HEDD Announces HEDDphone With AMT Technology
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Sep 12, 2019
I know it doesn't look serious at all in forums to try such silly tiny powerful amp for just 125€ (Aliexpress port included from China):
No name .. even No brand ... 100% chi-fi
size 135MMx 67.5MMx14.5MM.
Output balanced Impedance <1 ohm, unbalanced <2.2 ohm.
Input Impedance: 10K.
Input level 2.1V recommended
Output power: around 2000mW/32Ω, 320mW/250Ω, 160mW/600Ω.
Frequency response: 10HZ-100KHZ.
Output support Impedance: 6-600 Ω.
Battery life : 6-7 h balanced input 2.5MM, 5.5-6 h unbalanced input 3.5MM.
Battery Capacity: 2300mah x 2


Two days I am using it behind my WM1A ... and believe it or not, but it really moves my HEDDphone rather well (at least better than the Kann Alpha in ultra low and low frequencies more powerful and clearer kicks )...
There is almost no catchable background hisses even when analog volume with no music at 100% connected to the HEDDphone (but there is some background hisses with rather high sensitivity IEM like IE900 in high gain mode).
Basically it seems to be a typical class AB dynamic sound with low distortion (at a much lower than my Kann Alpha, though it's much more powerful).
I have to make some deeper comparison with the less BX2+.
As I really enjoy the rich and rather soft and balanced Class A sound of the BX2+, I don't think I will use this little amp at home..
Maybe on the way or on holidays with a Z7M2 it can be used, as my WM1A is sometimes falling short in power with some DSD.

For 125€ .... maybe worth to give a try if extra power is needed.
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