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Heavily modified Grado SR80i (functionally and aesthetically). Would anyone be interested in something like this for sale?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by shadowdude77, Jul 7, 2012.
  1. shadowdude77
    The background behind this is that my girlfriend and I both have Grado SR80i's that ended up with damaged wires that would intermittently short out.
    I decided to buy 3.5mm stereo jacks from Digikey and make the cable on the headphones detachable so that this problem wouldn't arise in the future. Now, where the cable for the right channel would normally exit the cup, there is just a 3.5mm jack. At the same time as this modification, my girlfriend decided to repaint her headphones.
    She's curious if there's a demand for this sort of thing, given that: 1) Some people don't like the aesthetics of Grados in their stock form, and; 2) The detachable cable should provide durability and convenience.
    Here are pictures of the headphones after the mod:
    I'm curious to see what the Head-Fi community thinks of this modification. It doesn't affect sound quality, but it does address the SR80i's two weaker points (the fragility of the Y-split on the stock cable and  its aesthetics). Conceivably, this could also be done to any other plastic-shelled Grado (and maybe the aluminum and wood ones, with greater difficulty). Thanks for any input you might provide!

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