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Heavily Modded SR60i vs 325i vs RS1i

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theguatemalian, Oct 26, 2011.
  1. theguatemalian
    So I'm planning on getting a grado to keep in my collection for good.
    So now I have a dilemma and to those who have all 3 please help me out!
    I've been browsing the SR60i mod thread since I''m excited to mod headphones since I got my t50rps a few weeks ago!
    MY question is if I mod a SR60i with:
    SR60i $80
    Cocobolo Cups (Like the Bilavideo mod native to central america so easy to get here) probably $50 for both if i buy in the right place and get a carpenter to make them.
    Bowl Pads $20
    SIlver Recable (Probably Silver Dragon) 5 so aproximately: $120 (Portable so short and still deciding whether I want to single side the cable)
    Jmoney Band or DT770Pro Band $10 or  $50
    So about $270 For the HP 
    And if you at the bands $330 MAXED OUT.
    Is this worth it over stock 325is or RS1i?
  2. KneelJung
    What are you trying to accomplish? Are these going to be your main cans or complimentary cans? What kind of music do you listen too?
  3. theguatemalian
    These are going to be my I feel like rocking out to grado sound cans! I know it sounds cheesy...
    I listen to everything but I have the T50s Modded and the HD598s which do most genres very well, and I had a MS1i but I sold it to a friend who loved the sound to fund these other 2. 
    Now I miss the sound the MS1is had and but I want to go for something worthwhile and that will be a staple in my collection for Rock and Subgenres when I'm int he mood for a Grado.
  4. KneelJung
    The metal Grado's I've heard are the Allesandro MS2's and my HF2.
    I've had 2 different kinds of wood on my SR60, a woodied 225, and spent some time with an MS Pro. The higher up the Grado line you go the better things get. It's hard to say whether it's worth.
    If you want a Grado for the fun factor and just rockin out, I'd say the SR60 handles those duties just fine.
  5. Gwarmi
    I say enjoy the full Grado mod journey, grab an SR60i or SR80i and enjoy the ride.
    They will sound fantastic out of the box and you can appreciate each mod along the
    way as you do the work yourself.
  6. Blue Boat
    SR225 beats the SR60 in a srs comparison. There's just something about the SR225 that makes it sound more refined than the SR60. Maybe it's the extra treble? Alternatively, you can get some Magnum drivers from Symphones, get some wooden cups, bowls and some cheaper silver cables to go along with that. I'm getting my Grados recabled soon, but the guy who makes them is currently sitting for his O's. 
  7. Aizura
    I woodied my SR60i's and I was very happy with the results. I really had to carefully A/B them with the RS1i to hear what made the latter almost 3 times the price I paid for my SR60 and all the mods. I even sold my RS1i in favor of the SR60i's.
    In the end though, I missed the refinement and better seperation/imaging of the RS1i and rebought them.
    While the sound differences are small, I really do feel the RS1i are worth the extra coin in the end.
    But if you have to sell a kidney to be able to afford them, just go the SR60 route. They really are fantastic cans. I doubt you could get better value for your money than a modded SR60. The fact that they can get so close to the RS1 is amazing!

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