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Headstage Arrow HE: Reviews, Impressions, Perceptions & Sensations

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mediaogre, Mar 2, 2010.
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  1. Frankyspanky
    I can get the 4T and the 4N. What are the main differences in sound and presentation? I listen bass heavy EDM music mostly.
  2. Vidmaven
    The 4T reportedly has more of a tubelike sound where the 4N is bascially a solid state type sound. For EDM I would go with 4N. Or refurb 3G which reportedly has a better bass boost than the others. I have the 4T, 4G and 3G in the house but haven't compared them side by side yet. Maybe this weekend.
  3. Bobo Fret
    Just came today.  Hang in there.
  4. Stoney Contributor
    Yes please!  
    You are in a rare position to compare them.
    I have a 4G and wonder about the 4T in comparison.  The different gain settings and headphone impedances can make differences.  
  5. fredrikhasth
    is there something to take in consideration when pairing the arrow with a samsung galaxy note 2 ?
    just 5 hours after sending my first email to headphonia i got a answer from robert.
    he said that waiting list is not long it would depend on where i lived. 
    in Germany they have stock. and in California they get new stock the upcoming week.
    (the order orders took long becouse of production problems he said).
  6. Hellenback
    I wonder if anyone who has been extremely impatient and/or critical throughout the waiting process has bothered to send in an email to indicate their Arrow has arrived? Once an item is shipped there is very little a seller can do about the delivery speed.
    I've waited over a month many times for items shipped from China/Hong Kong. Now that people are receiving their amps maybe we'll see some decent reviews!
  7. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Did email Lisa once I received mine, and thanked me.
    Got a smile while tinkering the settings (I actually can do this!) the sound I want from my M2tech Hiface DAC paired with an Audeo PFE 232. My current preferences are:
    Cross: 0 Bass: I Treble: 0 Gain: 0 
  8. starfly
    So I'm considering getting the 4N or 4T. Currently just to drive my Shure SE530 (will be my first amp), but plan to purchase a pair of fullsize headphones within a few months. It will mainly be paired with my Rockboxed iPod Classic. At some point I'll also get a separate DAC for my laptop and then feed the line-out of that DAC into this amp.
    The 4T is described as having a 'tubish' sound and the 4N should just be neutral. What does tubish entail exactly? Does that mean warmer? Will it really warp the way things sound? I suppose it would be better overall to get a neutral amp and then adjust EQ settings if I want to change the sound a bit, right?
    Any suggestions, tips, ideas?
  9. FARfromHOME
    I got mine today!
    2 months after ordering..
    Rob should put some sort of item counter on his website.
  10. rettalking
    think so,Cables and other gear are obviously up for a debate and clearly off-topic.thanks
  11. FARfromHOME
    3G - disappointed. Bassheads will love, but me...

    I sometimes use portable recorders. And have tried using them to check imod quality (stupid but works).
    All of them sound clearer, even the ones in sub £100 range.
    Thought that something built for purpose, would sound better.
    @rettalking, Silver/gold cables! Only silver cables tend to mess with highs and loose bass.
  12. FARfromHOME
    you have the right idea - neutral.

  13. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Now that I have my Headstage Arrow 4T my setup is complete! 
    A portable 32/384 - DXD player. Well 24/384 actually, UARP recognizes my DAC upto 24/384 only.
    Had me smiling the whole time!
    Smartphone: Sony Xperia Z
    DAC: M2tech Hiface 32/384 DAC
    Amp: Headstage Arrow 4T
    IEM: Phonak Audeo PFE232
  14. starfly
    @m-i-c-k-e-y, nice setup! How does it sound though?
  15. DemonFox
    That is a kick ***** setup you got there! How do you like the 4T and have you ever heard or owned any of the other Arrows? 
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