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Headstage Arrow HE: Reviews, Impressions, Perceptions & Sensations

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mediaogre, Mar 2, 2010.
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  1. s1rrah
    Dude, seriously.
    Excepting the 3g .. which has a markedly different bass boost?
    Going from 4T to 4N and what not? ... save your breath. Sure, they might emply different circuits ... but the tone is, roughly, the same. .
    (I am only the messenger)
  2. audionewbi
    I am still chilling with the 4G, I'll leave the experimenting for others and I do hope the change is minor to nothing at all. To this day I am still amazed on how much battery life this thing has in such form, truly a great design. 
  3. krismusic Contributor
    You've heard the different models? I'd be surprised if Robert would bother with different versions if they were not different flavours.
  4. krismusic Contributor
    Even if the new models are different I doubt that they are better. The 4G is more than good enough for me. Agree about battery and form factor too.
  5. musicinmymind
    I ordered a 3G end of last month, still item is not shipped and no replay for emails [​IMG]
  6. Vidmaven
    the only 3Gs they're selling are the refurbs that they clearly state they arent shipping until mid August.

  7. musicinmymind
    Yes, I must wait for some more time....one replay to mails would have been good though
  8. Whippler
    it's mid August already
  9. Bobo Fret
    Stupid question but can the 4T be charged on a USB cable with an A/C adapter like with a cell phone or must it be plugged into a computer? Wasn't sure if there were any voltage issues to be aware of.
  10. audionewbi
    Yea I charge mine with apple charger no problem so far.
  11. Bobo Fret
    Denke schön
  12. Frankyspanky
    I was thinking of ordering a fiio E12, but since I saw the Headstage amps I think I found the right amp for me. Can anyone help me decide between: 
    New or Refurbished 
    And: 4N or 4T. 
  13. KimChee
    I've been looking at the 3G refurbs, I might use one for my computer setup..
  14. musicinmymind
    I ordered for 3G one month back and did paypal dispute few days back, as I did not get product or replay to my emails.
  15. Vidmaven
    I just got an email Friday letting me know my amps shipping out this week.
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