Headset for CS:GO
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Howdy, and welcome to the forum!
FYI, 5.1 is broken in CS:GO, so use "headphone mode", it's already processed with DTS which I find to be more clean than Dolby anyways :).
What's your budget? HD558s are my most common recommendation.
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  Hi , I'm new here but i have Sound Blaster Z and two headsets ATH-PRO 500 MK2 and ATH-AD500x and i just want my next upgrade focuses on a better sound for CS:GO and music maybe if that is possible , thank you!

Hopefully you disabled the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the SB-Z.
Budget for the headphone upgrade?
Maybe get the ATH-AD900X
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AKG K712 or K7XX. The in-betweens like the AD900x and Senn 558/598 aren't as significant of an upgrade. Being a gamer you will probably dislike the narrower soundstage of the Senns coming from the AD500x.

Edit: Also check out the K612 for a more budget-friendly option, although the K7XX is only $50 more and worth the premium.

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