Headroom Portable Micro AMP/DAC battery replacement
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Does anyone know where to get replacement battery for now discontinued Headroom Portable Micro AMP/DAC combo? This model utilize rechargeable lithium battery inside with a wall-wart charger. The wall-wart charger is rated to provide 9v. This model is combination both AMP/DAC inside and the size is exactly same as any other Headroom Micro amp. I know it is long shot since it is discontinued model for number of years but if anybody know the replacement battery, it will be great.
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Thank you very much. I was able to search the right battery size according to the pictures and found the suitable one in Digikey. Actually the battery has 3 wire PCB connector attach to it and do not need to desolder anything. You just have to disassemble the PCB board to install the new one. It is not exactly same model but it should work.
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Thanks. I actually have quiet a few of Headroom amps in my collection. This was just my latest amp that I added to my Headroom collection. After I purchased the amp, it failed to turn on even after charging fully couple of times. The battery suppose to supply 7.4 v when it is fully charged but it only measured around 4 v at best. And I am sure it is not enough juice to run the amp. I am always looking for Headroom amps in the wild. Even after all those years passed by and great many headphone amps came on the market, it is still my favorite amps. I really don't have much desire to upgrade anymore as far as headphone amps are concern. However, when it comes to headphone itself, it is another story. I will probably update here if the replacement was success. Good listening!
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Finally the replacement battery from Digi-Key came in today. I had to do some soldering the wires since the connector was not the same size but it is installed securely and in working order. I am currently lisening to the amp using my android phone as source connected using USB connector. I really do like the house sound of Headroom amp so this is no surprise that I like this combo. Thanks for the help.
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