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I like this amp so much I have had two of them for some time.  As I need to make room it is time to let someone else enjoy this very natural and good sounding desktop amplifier.  It includes Headroom's Audio Image Processing circuit, their proprietary crossfeed system.  There is a switch to turn the circuit on or off and another for a filter that compensates EQ when the circuit is in use.   All around a very handy feature as some recordings benefit greatly from moving the sound away from the typical headphone sound where it is inside the middle of your head.  This was Headroom's flagship piece at the time it was introduced and the other one I am keeping was gotten at that time so reliability is not a concern.  This second one I got a few years ago and now that my amp inventory has grown so much I really do not have the room or the need for two of them.  You would be hardpressed to find a near as good a sound as this from a current straight headphone amp at twice this selling price.  It works well with just about all my phones and is especially good with Sennheiser HD600 and HD650's along with the AKG Q701.  Check out my profile for a full listing of my other phones.  Stereophile also gave it rave notice when used as a single source preamp in a quality two channel audio music system.  A truly flexible performer.  BTW, in case you did not notice it has two 1/4" headphone jack outputs for further convenience and flexibility.
The unit is in excellent condition, no mars or scratches other than the some of the writing mentioning the Audio Image Processing is partially worn off.  Works perfectly, right now as I write the ad I am listening to Chet Baker and Gil Evans on my Sennheiser HD600 on the amp and it sounds great, spacious, smooth, detailed with good bottom end, very balanced sound top to bottom.  A great sounding amp, especially for the priced to sell price.
Please reach out with any questions, thanks for looking.  Shipping would be additional, let me know where you are located.  U.S. sales only, sorry.
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