HeadRoom is back on Head-Fi - Save 15%
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Jamey Warren

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Sep 23, 2003
Dear Head-fiers,
HeadRoom is proud to announce that we are back as a sponsor of Head-Fi.org. After a brief hiatus, we are happy to rejoin this fine community of headphone enthusiasts.
To celebrate, we are offering 15% off at headphone.com Just use this coupon code during checkout:
Some manufacturer restrictions apply to online sales. Please call 1-800-828-8184 or email sales@headphone.com if you have any problems receiving your head-fi.org discount.
You might be wondering why we ever left. While it is difficult to summarize in a short post, we do want to be transparent with you about where we’ve been and where we’re going. We could fill hundreds of pages about HeadRoom history but today we’re going to jump to what matters most to us and hopefully to you.
HeadRoom is now employee owned. Fundamentally, this change allows us to do what we think is right for our customers. While we are still a business and need to keep the lights on, we no longer have to make decisions based on bottom line profits alone. With this change, our first order of business is to get reacquainted with our customers directly on head-fi.org.
There are many more changes in store for HeadRoom which we’ll be sharing with you here. While we think we have a handle on what we need to do to improve, we’d love to hear from you directly.
What can we do better to get it, “Right Between Your Ears?”
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Great!  Welcome back!  I've always had a great experience with you guys. 


-HK sends
PS - When can we pre-order the FiiO X5 2nd Generation? 

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So does this mean that HeadRoom will be attending meets and shows (i.e., CanJam) again? Because I haven't seen you guys attend anything for the past few years.
Btw I almost made it up to Bozeman last week on a visit to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks but just couldn't make the time for the additional drive north. Not sure when I'll be as close again, but next time I make it out to Yellowstone (because there will be a next time) I'm definitely going to make it out to see your storefront! Been wanting to see it for a while now.
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Welcome back Jamey, et. al. HeadRoom was the first stop on my head-fi journey, and I still use my BUDA every day.
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J&J, thanks for the props, we're working on it. That's all I can say for now.
Asr, we will be attending meets and shows again and have something cool we're working on to share soon, think traveling HeadRoom store. That said, we'd still love to see you in Bozeman, please let me know if you think you'll make it as I'd like to make sure to meet you in person at our store. I'm mostly at our main office for the time being.
Bones13, glad to hear it. The BUDA still kicks me in the pants every time I listen to one.
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  Hi Toom,
I'm not sure I get the reference. Is it my profile pic? Time for a change maybe...


Jamey, congratulations on your change to employee-owned status, and thanks for your support--and welcome back.

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