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Headroom balanced Triple Stack - BUDA/UDAC/DPS [SOLD]

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  1. eugenius
    For Sale or Trade
    For sale is my main headphone system.
    - You get the Headroom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amplifier, the Headroom Ultra Desktop DAC, the Headroom Desktop Power Supply, all in perfect condition - even the boxes look new. :)
    You'll get one of those all time great systems, a system that drives the HE6 very well (7+ Watts into 50ohm balanced - more than the companion Hifiman EF6 amp so the HE6 is no problem) and fits well with the HD800 too. The UDAC is neutral in the best sense of the word, you can't really assign any character to it at all. The BUDA is typical Headroom but with more finesse and better soundstage than the lower end amps. Typical Headroom means solid state as it should be - fantastic bass control and weight, clear midrange and no harshness at all - some people call it warm - it's not warm it's just very good. :) There's zero background noise with the BUDA on high gain, max volume - that says a lot about the quality of the electronics here.
    The system is made of: BUDA, UDAC, DPS, 1x Astrodyne PSU, DiMarzio XLR Interconnects, 2x DIN cables for the DPS, three original boxes.
    I will add better pictures eventually, just ask for them if they're not yet there. I consider the price more than fair for what you get  - it's well under half the EU price. The buyer pays for shipping and any fees.
    The only trades I'd consider are:
    - Exasound E28 Femto 8 Channel DAC
    - NAD M25
    - NAD M3e
    - Marantz SM-11S1
  2. gradofan1
    Free bump, as I have almost the same setup and it's amazing :)
  3. eugenius
    Bumps don't work on headfi but thanks anyway. :)
    I had many other headphone systems but I always got back to Headroom. They clearly "get" headphones, I have to say. They get excitement, rhythm, punch, lack of harshness without lack of detail. The HD600 sounds for the lack of a better word, balanced in this system. The best I've ever heard it.
  4. gradofan1
    Well of course Headroom "gets it" -- weren't they the ones to come up with the balanced setup idea 5 years ago?
    And my setup isn't exactly the same; Headroom Ultra Desktop DAC + Headroom Ultra Desktop Amp (unbalanced) + Headroom Desktop Balaced Amp (non-Ultra)... dunno how much the power supply you have helps the sound. Does the Desktop Power Supply help a lot with the sound? I'm not familiar with the DPS but I have the upgraded Astrodyne power supplies...
  5. eugenius
    They don't "get it" because they came up with the first balanced headphone amp, they "get it" because they have good audio designers. Each of their products from top to bottom has that same rightness built in, doesn't matter if it's balanced or not. As you go up the range you get more transparency, more detail, wider/deeper soundstage (especially balanced) but the basic formula stays the same. And as far as I hear it's the right formula for headphones.
    The DPS is worth it (mandatory even) for the BUDA/UDAC system. I had a Balanced Desktop with Home DAC and Home Module before but I didn't have a DPS then so I can't say if it's worth it for that. Headroom says you gain more with the DPS when you come up to the Ultra DAC/AMP level, balanced or not.
  6. purk Contributor
    Guys...this is a really special sounding setup.  It doesn't give up much to the fabulous sounding Headamp GS-X MKII.  I personally have this setup and I always wonder why the "tripple stack" has not sold yet.
  7. eugenius
    Yes, I'm wondering that too. :)
    Another thing about this setup is it takes almost no room on your desk - for something with this kind of sound quality and power it's still very special.
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