HeadRoom Announces RMAF 2011 Showcase in Rm.2013 & Show-Only Specials!
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Nov 29, 2006
[size=11pt]Howdy Head-Fiers,[/size]
[size=11pt]Well, it’s almost our favorite time of year again when we pack the trusty HeadRoom van [aka "The Big White Ghost"] full of our best audiophile headphone goodies and truck south across the windswept high plains of Wyoming en route to the 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver Colorado. This year’s festival weekend is Friday October 14 - Sunday October 16 and the event will feature every top name in the audio industry representing every conceivable home, A/V, high-end, and headphone audio category on the planet. HeadRoom is proud to host our own showcase suite this year in Room 2013 (Level 2) of the main Marriott Tower where we’ll have a full complement of our HeadRoom lines from entry-level portable gear to top-of-the-line reference ‘Triple Stack’ Balanced XLR headphone systems available for listening and demo. Bring your favorite CDs and/or headphones and feel free to try them out on our numerous ‘hands-on’ HeadRoom listening stations throughout Rm 2013 at RMAF 2011. Or just sample our own huge HeadRoom selection of headphones, headphone amps, DACs (and music!) to your ear’s content![/size]

[size=11pt]We'll have some awesome firsts like the brand-new Beyerdynamic T70 headphones available for listening in our suite plus the worldwide debut of the Tektron OTL tube hand-maded headphone amp from Italy. HeadRoom will also be raffling off all manner of cool headphone gear like our top UDAC Balanced D-A processor (an $1,199 value), some very rare CLEAR case Total AirHead and Total BitHead portable headphone amps, a high-performance HeadRoom Portable Micro w/DAC amp, plus lots of other unique sales, freebies and discounts available during & after RMAF. [/size][size=11pt]We can’t really tell you (yet!) the most exciting news which involves a truly special RMAF [/size][size=11pt]show-only[/size][size=11pt] deal from your friends at Sennheiser & HeadRoom on the headphones every audiophile dreams of...
[size=11pt]So come visit our friendly Montana-based team (Ben, MikeB., MikeO. + yours truly) in Room 2013 to register for the free raffle giveaways and discover all our ‘Top Secret’ show-only deals while enjoying some of the very best sound quality and immersive musical detail heard anywhere at RMAF 2011. Hope to see u there!

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