HeadRoom 2011 RMAF Worldwide Debut - Tektron OTL Tube Headphone Amp from Italy!
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Nov 29, 2006
Hello Head-Fiers,
HeadRoom is happy to confirm we'll have the exclusive worldwide debut of the hand-made Italian TEKTRON headphone amp (pictured below) in our 2011 RMAF suite for your listening and demo'ing pleasure. It's the very first showcase for this 5-vacuum tube OTL design from Attilio Caccamo and his engineering concern Tektron-Italia, manufacturers of superb high-end power amps, audio componentry, and phono stages. The TEKTRON headphone amp comes in a gorgeous aged Italian olive wood chassis (with matching headphone stand!) and features independent left/right output control, a nice plus for correcting slight driver mis-matching or individual hearing imbalances.
Please come by our HeadRoom RMAF suite in Rm.2013 in Main Tower Level 2 to get your ears on this European beauty with our vast array of killer audiophile headphones and give us your opinion of the TEKTRON sound. If you're as impressed as we were with the acoustic performance of Attilio's superb OTL topology, you're sure to leave with a giant ear-to-ear "tubes rules!" grin plastered on your face. (HeadRoom hopes to be the exclusive North American partner for TEKTRON-Italia beginning November 1, 2011.)  While visiting with us, you can also enter our give-away contests for all kinds of really cool HeadRoom 2011 RMAF freebies, including raffles for our best $1,199 HeadRoom Balanced Desktop DAC [$1,199; "The UDAC"], a HeadRoom Portable Micro Amp w/DAC unit, plus some extremely rare [and cool!] CLEAR-case HeadRoom Total BitHead & HeadRoom Total AirHead portable units!
We sure hope to see all of you there!

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Hi Wapiti,
Well, we think its a great-sounding tube rig (to our humble HeadRoom ears
)  with a typically round but finely detailed presentation (via test hps Audez'e LCD-2, T1 Tesla, HiFiMAN HE500, and HD800) that sounds extremely airy and accurate without undue bottom-end bloat. Of course, the OTL topology is sweet-toned and very musical so it makes an ideal partner for 'analytical'-leaning headphones but we found the Tektron imaging, transparency and lively dynamic quickness to be equally engaging even with more laid-back headphones often considered "warm" by some audiophiles. Pretty cool stuff, and the only one of its kind at RMAF!
Please come listen to the TEKTRON if attending RMAF 2011, HeadRoom would love to get everyone's audio impressions of this Italian beauty

Hope to see u there,
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The current tube sets are E182CC  RTC, EZ81 Mullard; Output impedance is rated at 0.5 Ohms @ 1kHz.
We'll get some more pix at the RMAF event and will post them here asap
Once we get further into talks with Attilio, we'll plan to be able to fine-tune the tube topology and definitely indulge in some tube-rolling --
all with the help of HeadRoom customer comments and listening reviews! 

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Looks sweet :)

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