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Headphones - WORN!!! - new thread - no nudity

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ardilla, Oct 14, 2010.
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  1. ardilla
    I started this thread http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/514995/pictures-of-headphones-worn/120#post_6969033 some weeks ago because I was tired of all the pictures of UNWORN headphones.
    Unfortunately, it was locked because some very bad head-fiers posted (almost) nude pictures of WOMEN.
    Anyway - since I think such a thread could be fun, even without (almost) nude women, I try once more.
    The first contribution should be harmless, just little Babo listening to Alban Berg Quartet on his T1's:
    << baboo.jpg
  2. niranhopper
    isnt babo nude in this pic? I hope it is allowed [​IMG]
  3. krmathis Contributor
    calipilot227 likes this.
  4. ardilla


    Good point, but I think babo is a male with no genitals.
    Anyway, I see that the first picture of a female has been posted. I want to set the standard with regards to FEMALE nudity with this one: 
  5. TheOtus
    Lovely pic! ^__^
  6. kingtz
    OP most definitely broke his own rule!
    Anyway, here is the pic I posted in the original thread:
    PS. There was no "nudity" in the original thread. As far as I can remember, everything was pretty well covered up. But whatever, until someone here decides to start their own forum just for pictures of naked girls wearing headphones, I'll go along. [​IMG]
    EDIT: here's a generic picture off Amazon, but it's still a female wearing headphones.
  7. nikongod

    It seems you have a headphone fetish. I too have a headphone fetish.
  8. IPodPJ
    sew21 likes this.
  9. revolink24


    I think he's more sexually attracted to women with headphones rather than just the headphones themselves.
  10. olor1n
    Thanks for the link to the original thread OP. Looking forward to checking it out for the glorious cans... IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!
    R-Audiohead and PomPWNius like this.
  11. jjinh

    I'll give this thread a day or two before it degenerates into posts of near naked women/men wearing headphones.
  12. ardilla


    No way. Everybody stick to the rules. No moral misbehavior will be tolerated
    AlexZanderZee likes this.
  13. kingtz


  14. TheOtus
    ^ Pervert, shame on you.
  15. tisb0b
    All men are perverts and since you condone such behaviour I can only assume you are indeed female. 

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