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Headphones with genuine leather earpads ?

  1. WoXxi
    Hello everyone,

    I'm tired of velour earpads on my sennheiser , i made a leather headband myself because of its shape it's easy to do but i don't know how to do it for the earpads :/

    Therefore I'm looking for a list of headphones sold with genuine leather earpads (not protein leather).

    Thank you for your help.
  2. surfgeorge
    Sennheiser momentum 2
    Bang & Olufsen H6
    I have both, I agree, the synthetice leather earpads suck - I start sweating much faster and they don’t last...
    I have both the above, like the pads on the Sennheiser better, but prefer the sound of the H6 Gen 2
    I feel they are more neutral and balanced.
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  3. WoXxi
    Thanks a lot for your reply ! I didn't know that the momentum has real leather !
  4. Old Dirty Puppy
    You can also pick a headphone that has easy pad swapping options like any of the Hifiman 400 series or maybe an Audio Technica M40x. You can swap out their pads with some really nice ZMF lamb skin pads or you could also try some BrainWavz HM5 pads. You just have to find a headphone first with the characteristics you like.
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  5. WoXxi
    I'd like a circum aural open/semi-open ears headphone and not too expensive (~250$) if it's possible.
    At the moment I have a Sennheiser PC360 ( ~HD 555) and i really like it but i have to clean the earpads every week, it's like dust magnet !
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  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If hte PC360's earpads are like the HD6xx's with a plastic mounting ring, gut it, and then mount the HM5 pads onto the plastic ring. Trim off the excess material that will get in the way of the snap on protrusion and then snap them back onto the earcups.
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  7. WoXxi
    Thanks a millions for the info !! I didn't know that HM5 earpads have the same size . HD600 plastic rings looks different than mine but there's still is a way to use double sided adhesive or glue them i guess ?
    I took some photos of my headset:

    0izr3Fo.jpg FEeAzdz.jpg

    eYHPB78.jpg OkFEdyz.jpg
  8. Old Dirty Puppy
    Check out a pair of Massdrop Hifiman 4XX. They are a bit hard to find new because they are limited edition headphones sold through Massdrop. They are also not always on sale. You can pick them up used on EBay or on the for sale forums for about 150 or less. Add a pair of ZMF Ori pads and you are looking to spend around 210 USD.
    You can also check out a pair of Hifiman 400i or 400s.
    There is also the Fostex T50rp M3. They are also around 150 and you can buy ZMF Ori pads or HM5 pads for them. Your looking at about 200 USD with new pads.
    These three options are planar magnetic headphones that require a headphone amp to get the best performance out of them.
    If you don't have an amp you should take a look at the Audio Technica M40X and upgrade the with ZMF or HM5 pads.
    You can look at the Philips SHP9500S and replace the stock pads with ZMF Ori or BrainWavz HM5 pads.
    Both the M40X and SHP9500S are under 100 USD. They are also easy to drive and don't really require a headphone amp to sound good.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  9. onevstheworld
    Dekoni is another brand you can consider for aftermarket pads.
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  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Nuts, those plastic rings are too narrow for the HM5 pads to clasp onto them while going onto the headphone. If they're using some kind of adhesive to stick to the earcups though then you can probably work it.
  11. pbui44
    The Audeze LCD-series uses round adhesive rings to hold the ear pads, so ask them if they have adhesive rings for the EL-8 ear pads.

    Also, Dekoni might special order it for you. I had a HD598SE, HD600, and HD580 at some point and remembered that the HD580 had pointed areas to mount the ear pads onto the ear cup point holders and the HD598SE had groove-lined areas to mount into place. Dekoni already make the harder HD580/600/650/660 mounting rings, so the HD598-mountings should not be harder to make.
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