Headphones with Best Overall Build Quality?
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Stax Omega 2 by far. Other than that, ATs are worth mentioning as well.
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770/990pro imo.
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Definately not Grado or Audio technica
So far, it looks like Beyerdynmic are winning. This is starting to sound like a poll thread without the poll
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Originally Posted by adiZero /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Sennheiser HD25 I-II. Built to last!!!

My sentiments, exactly. Although I also agree, that as far as the quality of the materials (and not judgment by wear-and-tear), Denons take the cake.
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Originally Posted by stang /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Definately not Grado or Audio technica

Tell me why Audio-Technica doesn´t have good build quality in your opinion? Not that I´d have huge experience of headphones in the first place, but I see my own phones having a nice, greatly working design, high-quality materials and amazing finish.

Grado is obvious though, as we have the joy to read about brand new headphones falling apart and having awful mistakes in the finish etc...
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Not sure which would be best ( although I's hazard a guess at some of the Japanese brands ), I think both my Senns and AKG's are well made and designed, and the Beyer DT880's I had, although I hated the sound, were very well made. Grado has to be the worst though. Not so much in terms of materials, but QC and just dire design! Shame, cos I like the way some of them sound...
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Built to last, Beyers. I carry mine around sans bag/case all the time. I will generally bag any headphone usually, but have just not felt the need to place them in a bag. I don't see ever wearing out my Shures, but hey, they come with a bag... subtle hint?
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The T1 looks like the best built headphone I have tried so far. The headband is leather the part holding the cup is is metal, the ring around the metal mesh does look like plastic but it never has any contact with a surface.
Everything has a very solid feel.

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