Headphones upgrade from the ATH-M30x. Assistance with PC noise and debating between M50x, HD600, M/R70x but open to suggestions
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Nov 26, 2015
Hey there folks, it's been a while.

I'm looking for an upgrade to my 3 years old pair of M30x's, I'll very likely be spending a maximum of 300 euros once I get some cash on hands. I love the sound signature of my M30x's, but have been looking at something even better than them.
Given that I tend to use them for several hours at a time (4-8 hours at times) and some minor gaming (not that important), I'm looking for something with a neutral-ish and natural sound signature, but in no way can they be fatigueing (bright), harsh or entirely dull sounding. So, a lively pair of headphones that's at least decently detailed, mildly warm, I prefer bass quality over quantity in any case, with forward mids (and vocals) and non-fatigueing highs (prefer them smoother over more spikey/shrill sounding) I also like a wide soundstage and good separation. Sound isolation isn't much of an issue given that I'll be using them in-house, tho they shouldnt spout out louder sound outside than they're producing on the inside.

It will be a pair used by the PC, and quite possibly, I could grab a DAC/AMP at one point in the future (suggestions for those are very welcome as well, I've heard the ifi micro iCAN is relatively solid, costs 330e locally). I do have a problem with ground noise with the M30x's unless they're plugged into my rather old Logitech Z4 pc speaker's control panel, there is zero noise when they are plugged in that way, but the port is slowly dying away.

There's a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen on sale nearby for 50 euros, but I'm unsure if it's even worth getting for my current M30x's, or if it would even operate without signifiicant amounts of noise from the system, I likely wouldn't stand the noise if it's present. Another concern is that it's apparently good for up to 60 ohm headphones, while new ones likely would have 40-470 ohms, and scale better with proper proper equipment.

From other equipment, I've got a Xduoo X3 for on the go use (very rare, use Tennmak Pros with it instead), crappy Onkyo AV receiver HT-R340 which manages to have even more noise through phones over an optical input than plugging directly in the mobo does (it also sounds like absolute crap). Marantz PM16, Marantz receiver SR6009 with plenty power which are used for floorstander and surround setups, and will very very rarely be used with the headphones due to the distance from the PC.

I'm from eastern europe, so I can mostly rely on local shops and mainstream brands (audio technica, beyerdynamic, sennheiser and such) with return policies and proper warranty. In most cases, I can't even shop from Amazon, while Ebay tends to be relatively acceptable within the countries of the EU, since we do have a 35% total import toll on things above 22 euros outside of the EU, however I can forget about the warranty in that case.

Thanks for your wisdom in advance!

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