Headphones that meet OH&S requirements for use in factory
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Jul 21, 2007
Hi guys,

My current job entails repetitive work operating loud machinery.

To prevent hearing loss we are required to wear hearing protection i.e. foam inserts or earmuffs.

At the moment we have a no discman, ipod etc. policy. My supervisor wants to convince managment that it's a good idea to allow us to wear IEM's under earmuffs, a solution that will allow us to keep both our sanity and hearing intact.

Managements arguments against this are:

1. The music may stop us hearing firealarms etc.

2. High volume listening may damage our ears leaving them open for lawsuits i.e. blaming the machinery for hearing damage instead of the music, or blaming them for allowing us to listen to music.

3. The cable may break the seal of the earmuffs allowing the machinery noise to damage our hearing.(This doesn't actually happen but its still something they may argue)

Without music we are all likely to go insane!!!

Does anybody know of any certified solutions that meet OH&S requirements for hearing protection that allow music to be listened too at reasonable level?

Are there decibel limiters that can be placed between the source and headphones to limit the output to safe levels?

Has anybody had any similar experiences?

Also I'm in Australia not sure what that may affect regulation wise.

Sorry for the long post thought it would be best to give you guys all the info.


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