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Headphones similar to Sennheiser hd 598 but closed back/ear?

  1. Kalookakoo
    Looking for a headphone just as comfortable and on par in quality (and price if not less), but just a closed can. Not a fan of sound leakage, especially if I take them to the library to study. This will also be my first pair of more than 30 buck headhones, so I'm really not all that picky or an audiophile.
    I was thinking of buying headhones and a logitech g930 headset separately simply for gaming and use the headphones for movies/music, unless someone can explain to me if it's possible for me to get surround sound into my headphones w/ a cheap desk mic that won't break the bank.

  2. Me x3
    You should read about SoundMagic HP100!
    Best Luck!
  3. KG Jag
    Can't say they are good as the HD 598, but you will get the most for money with the UE 6000.  Currently on closeout for less than $100, these were $200 cans--and good ones.  See:
  4. Kalookakoo
    Both suggestions seem pretty interesting, but I find it hard to find reviews/feedback on them to assure they are what I'm looking for.
  5. Sam21
    check out audio technica's A700x/A900x
  6. Me x3
    Best Luck!
  7. beowulf
    I'm going to unbury this thread to ask if there are any more recent suggestions for closed headphones with great soundstage. I will use them mostly for gaming, so comfort is important.
    My favorite headphones for that are the old Sony CD3000, still find them spectacular, especially regarding soundstage. Those huge bean bags help.
    But I haven't found anything similar. Heard about the NVX XPT100, but I can't find them on sale in Europe.
    Also, I have the HD598 and they are ok soundstage-wise, but it's not working since they are open and lately the environment around me is too noisy.

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