Headphones Roll Call!!
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Dec 26, 2009
Alright, let's do something fun!
Everyone weigh in with the headphones you own, and if you have one, your 'go to' cans, and why?
Also, if you record, what is your recording cans, and if you mix with phones, what cans do you use to do that?
I'm just beginning and have the Shure 440s, shopping for my second pair!  I will record and mix with the Shures until I find a second set.
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I'm always buying new headphones and trying them out and adding them to my collection.  For gaming I've been trying out the Polk audio Melee headset.  The headset only cost me 35.00 bucks the mic kinda sucks but if you contact Polk audio they'll send you a 3.5 mm boom mic you can plug into it, and they also sent me a headset adapter for the xbox one.  Headset is very comfortable and sounds good.  Looks kinda funny on the head though but that's alright.
For PC listening my go to headphones have been the Philips Fidelio L1 they are just so comfortable and sound great.  These are probably the smallest fullsize earcups that my ears will fit into it is like the perfect fit.  

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