Headphones making static noises when NC is on...
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New Head-Fier
Nov 9, 2018
The model of the headphone is Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9. When NC is on the headphone will start making static noises, but the weird thing is that this phenomenon only happens when the headphone is connected to my phone. The headset works perfectly with other electronic devices (laptop, ipad etc).

The problem only occurs when the headphone is around my phone, even if it's not directly connected to the audio jack. When I place the lower bottom part of my phone (where the audio and charging port is) around the audio cable connected to the headphones (note that the headphones aren't connected to the phone, it is connected to a different device at this moment), it starts making static noises. So to sum it up, the problem only occurs when my phone makes direct physical contact with my headphone's audio cable at any given time.

It's almost as if my phone and the headset aren't meant to be compatible with each other. I would like to know why this is happening and if there's a solution to the problem... (Please bear with me, I don't know a much about audio)

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