Headphones in bed?

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  1. Arty McGhee
    i fall asleep with these on almost every night
    sound is airy and neutral
    comfort is excellent
    cup is modified from a symphones design
    and my own design adapters for senn px100 drivers and hm5 velour pads
    3d printed in black pla
    sony mdr-7506 headband
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  2. Lazarus Short
    My solution was to position my Proton 300/301 table radio (with right channel speaker) on either side of my bed. It was basic near-field listening, and with comfort. These Protons, btw, are powered speakers (two-way, biamped) with attached tuner-preamp. They sound great, as well.
  3. SilverEars
    I think this is a good choice as it's small enough(at least for people with the right sized canals), and price is pretty reasonable for the sound you get. Not so expensive to worry about damaging it. So, since it fits inside, I think it's a choice in case you happen to lay on the side as well. Perhaps there are something really tiny, the only wires sticks out.

    I dunno if you can have a really good speaker system that has good directional while you are lieing down. If the bed is in the center and have a speaker system on the sides, that works, but if looking for something that does not leak sound, I think IEMs is the way to go. May not find the highest quality one that meets the needs of size and comfort, but for simple listening, it's probably the most practical option there is.

    For bed listening, it's not something serious for me, but listening to some podcasts.
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  4. Podster
    These are pretty easy to sleep in:wink:

    NX1 4G Touch X7.JPG
  5. Whitigir
    The best headphones in bed I can fall asleep in is MDR-z7
  6. bangraman Contributor
    I actually almost strangled myself in bed once because I roll around a lot, so especially as I only listen to audiobooks and podcasts in bed, I now "use up" all the cheap crappy pack-in earphones I have and tie them to my headboard (?) with only enough slack to not having to hold my head totally rigid in bed so that if I start rolling around, the phones pop out immediately.
  7. Whitigir
    That sounds dangerous!
  8. davidland
    wooo, maybe I should get some cool gadgets to let me enjoy music before sleeping.
  9. ymshulman
    Not a HiFi solution, but the same Jaybird Freedoms I use for working out are of a slim enough profile to use in bed.
  10. ymshulman
    Oh, and a pillow that should allow for many earbuds is one by Purple. I've only done research on their mattresses, but those actually allow you to sit on an egg without breaking it - so I imagine a pillow from them would be good with many in-ears.
  11. gimmeheadroom
    No, I have this vision of making the news: "audiophile found strangled wearing high-end headphones in bed." When I am in bed I have the Klipschs rolling at low but legal volumes and the stereo sleep time set for however long I think it will take me to become unconscious. It's easier to fall asleep knowing I won't pull equipment off a table, trip over a cord and bash my skull or, the strangling thing. Just no! :wink:
  12. Beat Lips
    This problem of laying down with your favorite pair of headphones on has been solved using a Beat Lips Headphone Pillow. Our goal with this design was to allow comfortable resting positions while using any headphone regardless of it's shape and size. Our first production run has been received and these pillows are available on our website: www.beatlips.com

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