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Headphones/IEMs with a volume control/microphone connected to amp; no voice only music

  1. ignite
    Hey guys, I've got an amp which when I connect any headphones or IEMs that have a microphone/volume control into it, I can barely hear the voice but can hear the music.

    The IEM I have is a 1More Triple Driver whereas the amp is a Creek OBH-21. If I use my ATH-M50s, it works perfectly fine.

    The funny thing is, when I hold down the button on the headset, it works fine (I assume by doing this, I'm completing the circuit).

    I'm also assuming this may have something to do with the rings on the 3.5mm jack?

    Any suggestions to solve this? Thanks!

    EDIT: Sorry I realised I posted this in the wrong section, could I please have it moved to the "Help and Recommendations" section?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017

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