headphones, headphone amp. odac,headphones and now rythmik subwoofer
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Mar 15, 2015
Can they all work together? Right now I have odac splitting from headphone amp to powered swan speakers. Just purchased RYTHMIK L12, DID NOT LOOK Ahead, can they all work together? Thanks for your help and input
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have schitt decrappifier on the way, to odac, split to swan mk200 111, to hifiman ef5. Now have rythmik l12 on the way. HELP, is there
a way to integrate these components? Thanks in advance for your help.
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You really need a headphone amp with pre-amp line outs. Then you could connect it

ODAC->headphone amp->split to Swans and L12.
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ok after looking at the system, usb to decrappifier to odac, odac 3.5mm to split rca to powered swans, rca outs on odac split to headphone amp and subwoofer.
the only thing is I don't have anything but manual control to subwoofer gain. But now the odac, swans and rythmik subwoofer are a beautiful
marriage for the money.
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ok now my problem is the computer/desk top combo of swan , odac, decrappifier and rythmik l12 kick the crap out of my decrappifier, odac, ef5,
hd 650 combo. So do I  keep the ef5 or the hd650? Which single upgrade yields the most sq ? Upgrade the headphones or the amp. I am
willing to do all upgrades to the amp, Thanks in advance for your help/ suggestions.

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