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Headphones + Glasses = Fail?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by playern07, Apr 4, 2012.
  1. PlayerN07
    I normally wear contacts all the time, but today I chose to wear my glasses. No big deal right? WRONG! I go to put my m50s on and bam the discomfort hit me. It was purely annoying to say the least. I guess no glasses and cans for me. :/
  2. shadow419
    Sometimes something as simple as readjusting the headphones to account for the glasses is all you need.  I can wear my HD 25-1 II's for 2-3 hours at a time without discomfort, and I wear glasses all the time.  My Brainwaivz HM3's needed a different set of pads to make them all day comfortable however.  It just varies from headphone to headphone.
  3. Roller
    Different headphones can be more uncomfortable to wear with glasses. While I can wear my Ultrasone Pro 900s for many hours in a row without ever feeling any glasses related discomfort, I have to make more frequent pauses when using my Allen & Heath Xone XD-53.
    The shape, size and materials used on the pads can make or break the comfort of a set of headphones.
  4. hsubox
    I find I have to adjust my glasses every hour or so with headphones on, but overall not too uncomfortable. Your mileage will vary, of course, but as they say, if you can find soft pads, that would be the way to go.
  5. CEE TEE
    Phew.  Thought this thread was confirmation that I look like an idiot.  
  6. jc222284
  7. uchikoma
    Either I've gotten used to it, my glasses work fairly well with these headphones or my head is small (maybe a bit of both) as I haven't really experienced much discomfort when wearing my M50's with glasses. If anything, I tend to notice the ear pads warming up first before anything else (call me odd, but I don't mind this effect either). 
  8. barleyguy
    I don't find most headphones comfortable with glasses. Normally with my glasses on I'll use earbuds or IEMs, and save the headphones for nighttime with no glasses. I did use HD485s with glasses for a long time though.
  9. Kevin Brown
    I didn't like M50's with my glasses either.  The M50's clamp kind of hard around my slightly larger than average noggin.
    With that said, I can wear any Grado for hours at a time (with comfies, not with the bowls), and the DT880/250 and AKG K501/601/(Q)701 too.
    And my frames are the thicker plastic kind, not thinner metal.
  10. DJHeadshot
    Depends on the headphone the AD700 I can wear for 8+ hours without discomfort with my glasses but the sony mdr v6 are painful to wear within like 30 minutes with glasses. Even without them there not very comfortable for to wear for more then an hour or 2 they clamp down hard and gets hot inside of the pads.

    Sent from my Atrix 2
  11. davidcotton
    Nope can't stand glasses with headphones.  At work it's a choice. Music or glasses.  Try to vary it but still.  That's why I went back to iems.
  12. PlayerN07
    The constant pressure of the glasses frame behind my ears is terrible. Not to mention every time the headphones move they discombobulate my glasses on my face! lol Maybe if my pads were a tad softer...  Now I have a slight sinus pressure for some reason and it made everything sound like crap. Kinda like the South Park episode lmao
  13. LordKim
    I just watched 2 hours DVD with M50 and my glasses on.
    Come to the forum to ask if anyone has the same problem, then I found this thread. lol
    Still feel terrible 2 hours later...
  14. Arvan
    I put the pads from the shure srh-840 on my M50 and now they sit much better with glasses..I would say they are comfy :)
  15. deviusdragger
    wow pop in some contacts. that simple. I prefer to wear my glasses, but when i know im gonna have a listening session i just pop in my daily contacts and tada!!! problem gone.

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