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Mar 3, 2008

i'm pretty new here and to the world of headphones in general. i bought some Grado SR-125s a couple of months ago and haven't looked back since, i had no idea that they would sound so good!

basically now i've got the bug and am looking to upgrade. i've had my eye on some RS2s and have read/heard much praise about them.

i'm situated in the UK and have noticed that hi-fi equipment seems to be at least double the price of what our friends over the pond are paying, so i tried to order from a US retailer and get the 'phones shipped here but was informed that this was not allowed. fair enough i guess, everything is more expensive here in the UK.

however i am going on holiday to the states in a few weeks and was hoping to buy the RS2s over there and bring them back with me.

has anyone here had experience of this? are there any pitfalls i should watch out for? i dont want to get to the airport and have them confiscated or similar.

i sincerely apologize if this type of discussion is not permitted on these forums, i've had no joy finding answers anywhere else and this seemed like a sensible place to ask...

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Since you're going from the US back to UK and you're only buying the one for yourself, I don't see customs on either side having a problem with it. Just be sure to pack it carefully...you'd hate to get home and find that it got damaged on the way.
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Post the empty box to the UK if you need the box. Walk with the headphones in your hand luggage and plug them into portable mp3 player of sorts. I came back with a set of K701 in January just like that and had them plugged into my Nokia N95 phone via the 3.5mm adapter. No questions asked.

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