Headphones for under 300€
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May 25, 2015
Hello head-fi!!
I've been using ATH-A500 with Xonar Essence STX for 8 years now and I'd like to get a significant upgrade. The problem is the more I do research the more confused I get about what cans would be a good choice. With the student budget that I have I'm thinking I should keep my Xonar STX and just upgrade the cans.
I'm getting the headphones for music only. Open or closed, no matter. I listen to quite literally everything; pop, metal, rock, classical, folk, jazz, grindcore, techno, ambient, whatever. So I need all-around good headphones. I'd like a slightly warm, coloured sound rather than analytical one, but not exaggeratedly warm. Basically headphones to be _enjoyed_ with all types of genres. I'd like to have a decent bass.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the STX's output impedance of 10 ohms rules out all the low impedance headphones, right (I've seen varying opinions on this though)? So basically what I'm left with here are the HD598, HD600, HD650, DT880 and DT990. I wanted to get the Fidelio x1's but they're low impedance.
Would the Xonar STX's lackluster amp be a big problem with the HD600/650? Perhaps the DT880's would sound just as good if not better due to my lack of proper amp. If I were to go with the DT880's should I settle with the 250 ohm version or the 600? I'm a bit afraid the 880's won't sound good with any bass-heavy genre.
Any help or advice, please? What would you do if you were me?
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Sep 28, 2014
For your preferences I do not recommend Beyerdynamic headphones. The DT880 is too  neutral and maybe even too energetic in the treble for you and the DT990 is V-shaped (it has more treble energy than the DT880).
The headphones that came to mind with your description were the HD600. These are relatively neutral headphones that do well with any genre and have a warm tonality that is not too warm. The HD650 is similar to the HD600, but with a bit more bass emphasis and less treble.
I do not think you have to worry too much about about your Xonar Essence STX. It will most likely be able to drive any of the headphones you mentioned properly. Maybe not at their full potential, but well enough.

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