headphones for mixing
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Jun 9, 2012
hi all,
im looking for a pair of headphones for mixing. it seems the most popular are the athm-50, beyerdynamic 770 and 880, and akg 271, the shure 840 and 940, and a handful of sennheisers.
i own the hifiman hd400s. i understand they are not a mixing headphone, but the quality is obviously dandy. im not looking to spend more than that, but if there isnt a headphone designed for mixing that is going to suit me better, theres no point.
also, i say "mixing". im recording everything from vocals, keys, guitar, and bass with the samson g track (if youre not familiar its a handy usb condenser mic) in my bedroom with audacity (free recording program). im not exactly working in a studio environment. im recording something of a home demo. ive got a picky ear and i do certainly want to mix this stuff the best i can.
i feel just about sold on the audio technicas. i understand theyre a popular headphone. but i feel like ive seen as many people piss on them in favor of the beyerdynamics, or others, and vice versa. i think either the beyerdynamic 770s or 880s are running second, and the akg second or third. maybe shure after that. ive explored several other threads and reviews, though none in the last 5 months, and i want to be as close to a sure thing as i can be. a significant minority on this site have had some terrible things to say about the athm-50s.
anyway, any choice, comparison, or advice will be much appreciated. thank you in advance.

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