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Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levap, Apr 21, 2014.
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  1. ferday
    these are "grain of salt" tests to me....but it is very nice to have a thread comparing (a lot) of headphones where someone talks about metal and not the latest diana krall piece of garbage, or some obscure classical release :wink:  or for that matter listening to Tool and calling it the metal test (although i do love Tool)
    i appreciate all the efforts from everyone and plan to add my own data when i have some time!
  2. levap
    Albums list is in the first post, under "List of albums used for subgenre tasting" spoiler :wink:
    May be it's better to open albums list, what do you think?
    It's possible to choose the best cans for every album (for personal usage actually I started with it) and every track. But in a real world it's not too practical, so I'm trying to get general idea of headphones/subgenre synergy.
  3. guy3134
    this thread is missing hd600
  4. levap

    I acquired 600 for review (and like them much more than 650), but... Currently I have couple of weeks to listen borrowed LCD-X + Fostex 900 and semi-finished notes on Pandora Hope VI are calling for my time...
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  5. guy3134
    i found them godly with the black i'm listening to(atmosphere\melodic\viking\pagan\symphonic\ds\)
  6. Redcarmoose
    I just wanted to post that I started using my Zoom G3 as a DAC and to my surprise the Asgard and AKG k701 combo is actually not that bad for a lot of metal. I have always wanted to make the k701s work for metal because they are clear and easy to wear. Also how many flagships can you buy for under $200?

    I'm dumbfounded that the G3 DAC adds the X factor with the Asgard. So I keep asking myself if I can live with this combo. Also as many know the more you listen to the k701s the more you get used to em.

    So with this hobby headphones can be slightly changed with what is upstream. Sometimes there are surprises for those who want to tinker with the beast known as the k701.
  7. Jazic

    Don't forget that the HE400 is literally half the cost.
  8. levap
    My concerns about sample variations were more about bass quantity/quality, I did not find in HE-400 I heard anything like this "the bass is outstanding with way more punch than the 500's"
    And I have to agree, that HE-400 are good for the price anyway.
  9. ferday

    I'm not the only one!

  10. bassboysam
    Cool thread. I've gone through a lot of headphones in the last 2 years. Most of my metal listening is centered around stoner/doom/psych. I like all Grados and currently own an 80i, 225i, 325is and RS1 Classic. I also have a Fidelio X1, AD2000X, LCD-2.1, D2000 and an HE-4 on the way. All are great depending on my mood. Biggest surprise was how great the AD2000X sounds with metal. They do need an amp with lots of current to really make them shine, especially in the bass region. They really don't get enough credit. One of my favs once I figured out they do require amplification.
  11. marts30
    I have the AD1000x and agree, they're great with metal. AD2kx is a bit more forward so may excel a bit more, but the general sigs are the same I hear. Thinking of trying the 2kx. Which amp are you using? WA6? Was thinking about the WA7 myself.
  12. markm1

    The new 400i looks interesting. Saw a review on Headfi comparing favorably w/ the LCD-2...any of you all have any thoughts?
  13. bassboysam

    Yes the WA6 is a very good match, so is the Fiio E10. I recently got an LD1+ but haven't tried it with the AD2000X but I have a feeling they will be a good match.
  14. DaemonSire
    I've heard that the Mad Dogs are good with metal...unfortunately haven't had a chance to try it myself yet.  Thoughts?
  15. Sargatanas
    according to the chart from the first post... the Fostex TH600's are the best cans for metal. i read through every post in this thread, and not once we're they mentioned! i currently own the Denon AH-D7100's and i hate for metal. im looking for a can with solid kick drum with authority! not to dark or bright.in your face fun headphone
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