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Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levap, Apr 21, 2014.
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  1. Zenvota
    the 681s pretty good for the price
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  2. Baam
    I had these, left them at my mom's house and I have not used them much. All I recall is they sounded really good for the price, but didn't use them that much as I found them uncomfortable so have this in mind.
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  3. drym
    Wich is better, 668 or 681?
  4. Zenvota
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  5. drym
    Did you try they together? Someone say 681 more analyticly, 668b more musicly, involving, detailed(668b have same driver as 669). This is true? Tnx for answers.
  6. Zenvota
    Its been a bit but I found the 681 to have smoother treble and slightly tighter/more defined bass. The 668b was pretty ringy, more resonance and the bass was looser/boomier. They're very similar, to me the 681 was just a bit more refined
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  7. drym
    Ok, tnx. What resonance is mean? hd681 is little bit cheaper at price.
    I had 669, and they was nice.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  8. Zenvota
    Yes they're all very similar. Resonance/ringing would be a less smooth response, for example cymbals would sound less natural.
  9. Wes S
    The Ori are also killer with metal! Guitars of any kind are fantastic with the Ori.
  10. Nikostr8
    any opinion on ath m40x's for metal ?? im looking for a decent under 100 euros for listening music ( mainly black metal and death metal )
  11. Dobrescu George
    They may be a bit slow and muddy for death and black, those styles require the fastest headphones possible. But for 100 USD, they should do well, I am not sure if I can recommend any other at that price. IF you can increase your price, at ~250 USD, Meze 99 Neo with some EQ is really good with both black and death
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  12. Zenvota
    The m40x m50x are actually pretty responsive, good bass, smooth if ever so slightly piercing treble, and low distortion, but they're punchy, which isnt bad but that's where they might sound a little less clear espacially with black metal. If you need a closed can a refurbed or used akg k550 is a good option, or a closed fostex t50rp mod, something from meze, mrspeakers, etc.

    The focal spirit one s is pretty similar to the m40x while being a little bit more linear in its response.
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  13. Dobrescu George
    Maybe I got a little used to listneing to black and death through much more resolute headphones, like LCD-MX4 and Ultrasone Signature DXP, and this is why I might be a little underwhelmed by something like M40x. Black and death metal require the most effort from a headphone to sound good, because they are inherently the music styles using the most distortion, with the worst mastering, so unless a headphone is capable to render all the instruments and their loud styles, it usually can sound distorted and jumbled together, especially the midrange. I agree on the fact that M40x is great for drums though, they are kickers, they go low enough, and I think they are fun for percussion, and for cymbals as well.
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  14. Zenvota
    Couldn't agree more, listening to 95% death and 5% black myself, and is why I built my systems the way I did, pretty much any over/on ear dynamic that's not a ring radiator or made of beryllium crumbles under the weight of death/black. The m40x also has virtually no soundstage, but the drivers are fairly responsive for dynamics and in their price range, with little to no ringing/resonance, which is why you probably see them described as dry/lifeless often.
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  15. kdell
    There are a couple of licensed Chinese rebrands of the RBH HP2 Beryllium for about 100$:

    HaaFee HD1
    Urbanfun TS1

    I paid 75£ for the HaaFee and it's a real replica - it's what I'd recommend under 100 and 300 even. I bought one just so I could put the hp2 away as it's a bit fragile.

    While I'm here, can anyone recommend an amp upgrade for the LCD2? Solid state, 2-4W at 70 ohms, under 1000$, fast detailed and punchy for death, speed and thrash? The idsd is great but 'only' puts out 0.9 Watts..It'd also be nice to have something which doesn't need recharging all the time. I'll be using the amp as pretty much a poweramp with the Schiit Sys as preamp. I know that both the Jotunheim and Mjolnir mk1 appear to fit my needs perfectly but is there anything better out there now? Anyone tried the Cayin IHA-6? Doesn't HAVE to be balanced. Thanks.
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