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Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levap, Apr 21, 2014.
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  1. metaldood
    Alrighty then that's my next upgrade :p
  2. YtseJamer
    But they need a powerful amp to shine...
  3. levap
    Speaking about LCD2.2 / TH600, choice of “the best cans” depends on your personal metal subgenre preferences, table in a first post clearly illustrates it. Actually LCD2.2 + TH600 – great universal combo.
    From the technical point of view TH900 is superior to LCD2.2, TH600 and if you like bright sound (as I do, for instance) TH900 really is “the best”.
  4. levap

    And how do you assess the overall difference of HE-560 vs Alpha Dogs on metal?

  5. swspiers
    I have to go by memory, since the cable to my Alpha Dogs had a short while I had the 560's.
    The Alpha's seem a bit more closed in, tighter in the bass.  Almost too neutral for some stuff, especially older stuff like Sabbath with crappy masters on CD.
    I think the 560's sound more like speakers than any planar I've heard so far, much more open and dynamic. My impression is that the 560's are more forgiving, but I believe others have noted the exact opposite.
  6. MrGoat
    I just want to throw in my recommendation for HD650's for metal. These headphones really deliver the detail in the cymbals and the power of the kick drum. The guitar riffs are so detailed too and full sounding.These headphones are amazing at peering through the static and really delivering you the core of the music itself. I can actually pick out some bass lines in atmospheric black metal. Really though these cans have been doing everything just perfectly. 
  7. expatriate
    I just wanted to jump in and give a huge thank you to levap (and other folks) for doing this research. I've been looking for a new set of headphones and have been having trouble finding reviews for metal, let alone subgenres.
    Also, while I'm here, has anyone had any experience with modded Fostex T50RP headphones for metal? I know there's the Alpha and Mad dog versions, but I meant more in terms of self-modded variants (what with the Alphas and Mads being a little pricey).
  8. DaemonSire
    I'd love if you could get your hands on and review the ZMF x Vibro
  9. Redcarmoose

    So true, in the short time I tried them out, they were great with metal. Many maybe would think that they would not be but I liked the sound?

    I have to get a pair.
  10. guy3134
    oh nice, i'm going to pick he-4 too, which genre do you like the most with them?
    i doubt if they going to be any good with black metal, so for now i'm going to keep using my srh840 until i get hd600 too.
  11. bassboysam

    HE-4 hasn't sounded bad to me with any genre. But they are not forgiving when it comes to poor recordings.
  12. markm1

    I just had a few minutes with both. The 560's sounded more refined to me...a technically better can, but the new version of 400-sounded more immediate and fun. I was thinking 560's all around for good recordings, jazz etc but 400 more of a fun factor w/ metal....but that was literally like ten minutes of listening combined. 560's more neutral, less colored.
  13. guy3134
    yep thats exactly the reason i need hd600 too :)
  14. markm1
    I think I'm between the HE 560 and LCD 2 w/ fazor.  But sometime down the road after some other hifi upgrades.
    You guys have any thoughts on cabling. Given a decent source wondering what difference it makes....based on a conversation I had w/ Moon Audio at CAF. I thought his LCD 2 with silver dragon (I believe it was) sounded really good...it's like an extra $450-ouch!. The 560's sounded killer too. But, maybe a little more understated/neutral.
  15. YtseJamer
    Are you talking about the new HE-400i or the HE-400 ?
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