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Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levap, Apr 21, 2014.
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  1. marts30
    +1 for these too, own(ed) both. If you like a smooth treble but still airy get these.
  2. bassboysam
    It took a lot of burn in and a realization that they really do need an amp, but the AD2000X is quickly becoming my favorite. It just sounds better each time I use it. Pretty soon it may surpass my RS1....
  3. swspiers

  4. bassboysam
    believe it.  For metal the AD2KX is pretty awesome. 
  5. YtseJamer
    Wow great thread!!
  6. swspiers
    It is great- but way to quiet!
    I spent a few days with the HE-560's.  I'm noticing some people felt they were not that great for metal, but I disagree.  They are as good as some speakers in rendering destruction, especially with prog-metal, which is what I listen to most often now that I'm getting old.
    I do wish I had the new Opeth album for those cans.  The Alpha Dogs are great, but this whole album sounds like the perfect demo-track to compare them with.
  7. bassboysam
    Been checking out the latest Yob album with my HE-4 using a Fiio E10 DAC and A1 amp. it sounds quite good to me. Lots of detail, great bass and mids. Typically not a Yob fan but it seems they finally discovered a few more chords and tempos on this album. Plus the vocals aren't as screechy as usual.
  8. swspiers
    LOL!  Great summation of Yob.  I respect the heck out of them, but...
  9. bassboysam

    The new Bongripper is pretty badass too.
  10. swspiers
    Jeeze, I am SO out of touch.  I didn't even know Bongripper had a new one in the works!
    I'll have to PM you why I'm not in the S/D thread over at Talkbass anymore.  But I sure miss keeping up with all the bands!
  11. bassboysam
    Yeah the new Bongripper is by far my favorite album of theirs. Lots more energy.

    Oooh TB gossip. Do tell.
  12. metaldood
    Which one would be better for metal - LCD 2.2 or HE560 or TH600/900.
  13. YtseJamer
    The HE-560's are the best headphones that I have heard with Prog-Metal music!
    And the new Opeth is stunning on the 560s. [​IMG]
  14. metaldood
    Miles better than HE400? [​IMG]
  15. YtseJamer
    Oh boy, it's not even close.   The HE-560's are MUCH better than the HE-400.
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