Headphones for heavy metal music
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Aug 14, 2019
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I am searching for an upgrade to my Hd650+apogee groove combo. I hear a lot of music, mostly
heavy metal (meshuggah, gojira, etc ) and in second place classical music (a lot of piano and opera). I find the 650s to be too veiled and smooth with some recordings (referring to the velocity of response I would like something snappier) and I would want a more open soundstage (not exaggerated) with better freq response over the 6khz.

I have been searching quite a while and I am curious about the LCD-X, LCD2classical, Hifiman Arya, Focal clears and finally Hd800s, since the 800s are on discount (about 1100usd) where I live. Can you recommend me a headphone with an appropriate amplifier? I also have the apogee one for recording and it would be great if the other headphone could be drive fine with either of one apogees (I think the groove is better for high impedance and one for low, as Kenrockwell reviewed them).

Maybe there isn't a headphone for both metal and classical music, since I think maybe opera would sound great on the 800s and metal in the Arya, in that case I would like to search for a complementary headphone for the Hd650.

Thanks and regards!!!
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