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Headphones for glasses wearers

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tkd7, Sep 25, 2012.
  1. TKD7
    hey there, im wondering if you guys have any idea on which headphone would be good for me.
    I wear glasses so the headphone has to be fairly light and comfortable. I listen to alot of techno music with alot of bass and play games like BF3. Also minimal leakage is also favourable but not if it reduces comfortability by significant amount
    I planned on getting the Sennheiser HD 555 but the thing that annoys me is the adapters, because im on a laptop where the headphone jack is right beside the mouse therefore id have to move my mouse pretty far away.
    My price range is limited to bout $200ish.
    Also if anyone can tell me just how long the 6.3mm and 3.5mm are when joined, because i havent actually seen it irl but saw a picture where it was almost the size of an iphone
  2. Towwers
    In-ear headphones are the best for people who wear glasses.. Try maybe Audeo-Phonak, Shure, or Monster turbines...
  3. TKD7
    i currently have bose mie2 but the problem is i use them alot and the inside of my ear aches after a while
  4. Towwers
    I had them too! Maybe you are using the incorrect size, try the small one. I would recommend the shure´s specially the SE215 ($100), It comes with foam tips that are very gentle with your ears, I use the smaller ones, very comfortable and great sound isolation. It has enhanced bass so If you like, daft punk, deadmau5, skrillex, or any electronic music style that you want that BOOOOM kick. This is the one man, I gave the bose Mie2 to my Gf lol.
    I use it with a fiio e6, a portable amplifier. to increase the clarity, man I love them.
  5. Fuzziekiwi
    He's asking for a full-size headphone. There are plenty of headphones that are comfortable with glasses. 
  6. extrabigmehdi
    If you use a cable extender, using an adapter would be less annoying.
    Or even better, a "cable adapter" like this one:
  7. Ptruslow
    a commonly recommended headphone for gaming is the audio technica ad700. they are great for long gaming sessions, because they breathe well so you do not sweat, they have great positional audio in battlefield 3. everyone in my family wears glasses (except for me) and they say that they are quite comfortable, putting no pressure on the glasses. a few downsides to consider is the cable is 10 feet long, so you may consider either the removable cable mod or a recable with a shorter cable or shortening the existing one, and also due to it being an open can, it leaks sound quite alot and isolates very little, but that last one isn't a problem if you are listening to something at any decent volume. for gaming at a desktop without too much noise or people around you to be bothered by your leaking headphones, they are great, but they are absolutely massive and are not by any stretch of the word portable. i also recommend you pair them with a halfway decent soundcard, a xonar dg/dgx or better card should be sufficient. these headphones will leave something to be desired in the section of bass driven music. that is not to say that they lack bass completely, it is quite clear and well textured, but lacks that pressure and punch of my m50(my current music can).
    In a nutshell, they are the lightest, most comfortable headphones with the best clarity and soundstage that i have heard at the $90-100 US mark, they are great for gaming and listening produced by instruments, and i find they reproduce the sound of an acoustic guitar beautifully, but they will leak sound alot, they are massive, they are not portable, and the cable is 10 foot long.
    also as far as the connector goes, it is a 3.5mm connector and it is shipped with a 1/4 adapter that threads onto the end.
    IMG_1572.jpg and yes, that is a doorstop holding my headphones.
    I forgot to mention, the purple isn't as bad as people make it out to be, but if you do not like the color, they aren't hard to take apart and paint.
  8. Zoom25
    Denon AH-D2000 if you can find them used - I recently saw one today in the sale trade forum
    Very little clamping force, goes perfectly with even the fattest designer glasses. Sounds really good, you'll be satisfied with the bass. I also listen to lot of EDM and it works. Great soundstage for gaming as well. 
    They are okay at isolation - they are closed headphones but don't have the best isolation - it's part of their acoustic design, which actually helps their soundstage.
  9. Origin89
    Yea, there's a D2000 in the for sale section for a good price. Headroom also has one left in their B-stock when I checked early today.
  10. TKD7
    well i've narrowed down between the sennheiser hd 555 and 518, mostly because the i dont have a very large head and doesn't look like the ath-700 would seal around the ears properly and the Denon's are a outta price range.
    Both hd 555 and 518 are same price, but which 1 has better sound? Also are amps necessary to run them and if so could something like a Fiio E6 be enough?
  11. Zoom25
    If you could swing a bit more upto $230 - $250 or wait a bit, you can find one - I've seen them as cheap as $210 here quite frequently - also the Denon's are the most efficient - so won't need an amp as much as you would with your other phones. 
  12. TKD7
    the sennheiser's are bout $130, think Denon i saw on sale on forums was $230 euros... converted to Canadian dollars is $290...
  13. extrabigmehdi
    I I would take the hd555. If you are careful enough, you can mod them into hd595.
    An amp is not necessary.
    A good dac can makes a difference though, knowing that onboard from laptop sucks.
    The fiio e10 does dac + amp. However it have some quality control problems it seems.
  14. Zoom25
    I'm from Toronto, Canada. Right now you might not be able to find a cheap Denon, but I've seen them go at CAD $220 average many times. They also get sold quickly, so keep a heads up. I've tried HD 555 and 598, they are okay, but for electronica - they don't really have any sub-bass. The Denon's do far more justice for electronic music, no competition between those Senn models and Denon D2000. Both the 555 and 598 won't satisfy you for trance.  
    If you're willing to wait....
  15. TKD7
    fiio e10 vs e7?? they're the same price...
    also can the e10 be used without being plugged into power source? i know the e7 can

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