headphones for gaming, mostly fps 150-200$
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Mar 21, 2008
i currently play a LOT of TF2. i have an ATP3 set, with which the game sounds great. all the explosions, shouts, etc. are just amazing. probably because of the bass. problem is, when i switch to my faithful sen px100, which i'v been using mainly with my sansa mp3 player for the past year and a half, the sound feels just dead, explosions sounds weak...
so i'v decided to buy me a nice gaming headset. only then i thought to myself - won't some nice serious headphones completely own and destroy the usually crapish gaming headsets?
so here am i, looking for some headphones with great bass that will sound at leat as good as my ATP3.
i'v been hearing a lot of good stuff about the sen HD555. are they the pick for me?
any other suggestions will be great as well.
mic is not required, and i play at home so i dont care about noise canceling. i just want cool looking, and most important, comfortable headphones that can be worn for hours at a time.

thx in advance.
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Ultrasone HFI 580s. $200. Designed for drummers, with punchy bass and good power. S-Logic will improve spatial orientation as well. Big thick earpads and headphone pad will make it quite comfortable too. 32ohms means no amp required either. Just plug and go. Big 50mm driver will give lots of mass to the sound. Oh and since it's your first post. "Sorry about your wallet!"
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Most certainly listen to the Ultrasones before you buy,not everyone loves what the s-logic does to music,etc... I am one of those.I have listened to many in the thier line,and was not happy with
what I was hearing.

PS:I am a PC gamer as well.

If your on [H],I have the same user name over there.
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I dont see why a 50 Ohm can wouldnt work on your pc ?

I have tried many cans for gaming and those were the standouts in your price range of the ones I tried and liked.Not
to mention they are quite comfortable for extended listening sessions,or in your case gaming sessions.

Amped they were improved a bit,but they did not need a amp out of my X-Fi Plat or my Audigy 2 ZS.
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A buddy of mine uses the HD 555s for gaming. I personally found them very comfortable, even after wearing them while playing through Portal in one sitting.

Yes, they were powered just fine straight from the soundcard. Even my 64-ohm HD280 Pros are powered fine.
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I had a pair of Steelseries 5H v2, which is their top of the line gaming headset. They were 2nd in a gaming headset comparaison, so I thought they were good. But I can tell you something... Gaming headsets sounds so bad... I was totally blown away when tried the HD555 (and bought them). It's like night and day (this got me into the headphones passsion, sigh). Steelseries 5H worth nothing... Not a single penny... So do not buy any gamer headset.
Secondly, any good headphones will beat your $100 ATP3 PC speakers setup, without a doubt. With $200 headphones, you will have to pay big bucks to get a speakers setup than satisfy you as much as your headphone will.

About the HD555, they are very good for a first pair of headphones. Though I don't think they have enough bass for you, because they didnt have enough for me, and the soundstage is not that wide. But they have what you seek if you want the edge over other player and they are very confy to me. I don't know anything about other headphones in that price range, I went to the higher-end headphones. But they are not that much better than HD555 for gaming.
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Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 (which I own) are some of the best gaming 'phones I've ever used. Great for positional audio cues in FPS games. They've made me so much more aware of my surroundings in Counterstrike Source.

Also very comfortable, especially if you have a melon-head like mine. They sound rather nice for music too, even unamped right out of my iPod or sound card.
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thanks everyone for your recommendations. im gonna go to the mall tomorrow and hear them myself before i make my decision

btw, a friend of mine is talking about Equation RP-21
are they any good?
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i play tf2(and css) too but with dt770. great and comfy headphones
i can aim while flashed due the good orientation. and they are closed so external sounds wont bother either.(whiny mom,brother,sister;tv etc..)

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