Headphones for gaming and metal
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Dec 30, 2004
I'm looking for recommendations for a pair of headphones in the $150-250 (canadian) price range. I'd like to pick up a pair primarily for playing FPS games (mostly Overwatch), but from time to time I'd also like to listen to music on them (thrash metal, classic rock)
I've heard that the HD598s are pretty decent for gaming, but maybe not so great for more aggressive genres of music like metal. I'll treat these as my backup choice, but are there any other alternatives that I should be looking at?
I'm currently on holiday and its not easy to find a dedicated audio store here, but I've wandered around a few general electronics stores and tried out a few cans and they all generally sound very hollow and flat (cant remember exact models I've tried). I've used in-ears for listening to music for the past 10 years (se550, 64 audio) so I don't have much experience with headphones, so maybe my perspective is skewed when it comes to trying headphones for the first time?
Also, I do not have a dedicated amp. I'm not against buying an amp/dac but all pieces of gear would have to fit within my budget. I'll be running this through my Scarlett 2i2 otherwise.

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