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Headphones for gaming <220

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by vorlnax, Jun 10, 2014.
  1. vorlnax
    ill get a mod mic unless you have other suggestions
     (need to hear footsteps in CSGO)
      must be lightweight be comfortable for hours
    1. sound (listen to rap music games and stuff)
    2.comfort (lightweight )
    3.looks (meh whatever)
  2. Stillhart
    Just FYI, most of the headphones that are good for listening to footsteps are bad for listening to hip hop.  I don't know that you're going to find one that's great for both.
  3. vorlnax
    that doesnt mean i dont like a flat sound signature 
  4. Stillhart

    Fair enough.  Personally, I think the Q701 is awesome.  Top tier for competitive gaming and it's got my favorite sound signature of all the headphones I've tried.  Do the bass mod and hook it up to a decent warm amp and you're golden.
  5. SonnyA85
    If you looking to save a wad of cash and still get epic headphones get some HD558's and mod them into 598's.
    They use the same drivers and sound nearly identical. HD558 has more bass (stock) and has a smaller sound stage but with the mod they turn into HD598's with maybe 1-2% difference at best.
    I dare someone to listen to both in a blind test and see if they can actually tell the difference. They are easy to drive, cheap, sound epic.

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