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Headphones for commute (and some travel)

  1. JeffNYC
    I’ve been using AKG K545s for a while for my daily commute (train) and some airline travel. They are pretty good but was looking to improve on isolation/noise cancelling. I’ve somewhat narrowed it to these three:

    Sony WH1000XM2 (little concerned about cracking of previous model, they look all twisted up in the case)
    Audio Technica ATH ANC9 (good deal now, understanding may need to replace the pads in a year, and maybe upgrade the cable)
    AKM N60 NC (wired version, good price but’s never used on ear before and would think not as isolating)

    Not sure I care too much about wireless. I want it all otherwise (sound quality, noise canceling, comfort in that order).

    Anyone know the above to compare directly? I’ve read a lot here and review sites and generally get the sense I can’t make a mistake with the above.

  2. serman005
    What is your budget?
  3. JeffNYC
    Don’t want to spend over $350, and less is ok given these are for commuting (as I need the ATs above).

    Heard good things also about the Sennheiser PX550 (except volume levels). Probably a better candidate to the AKG N60s above.

    Also important is mic quality (voice calls) for work.
  4. serman005
    You might check out a B&O H7 or an over-ear M2. I think either of those may be a bit better than the ones you list. Maybe read about them and see what you think. One might work.
  5. avsmusic1
    M2 = momentum 2?
  6. serman005
    Apologies--yes. Momentum 2 over-ear.
  7. avsmusic1
    No worries, just wanted to be sure
  8. JeffNYC
    Noise canceling?
  9. JeffNYC
    Also can anyone confirm if the above headphones (or any other top noise cancelling sets) pass through your voice while on calls? So you can hear yourself talk?
  10. gazzington
    Got to be hd25-11
  11. JeffNYC
    Very interesting. So block most ambient noise? How close to noise canceling? I guess this means separate set for taking calls, but interesting.

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