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Headphones for around ~ HD 598

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ccaian, Jul 5, 2011.
  1. ccaian
    What headphones would be the best around the price range of the HD 598.
    Also would the headphones require an amp, if so recommend me one, price range maybe a 100-200$, some thing around there
    I don't want a amp that "color" the sound. I'm on a budget, so no amp if possible.
  2. Nick01
    What's wrong with actually getting the HD598??
  3. ccaian
    Sorry, i'm new here, I don't know how to edit threads, i listen to pop, and I don't really need noice cancelling.
    Also, the cheaper the better, just not too much in terms of sound quality.
    Sorry for my poor english, if it is poor.
  4. fusedpro
    The HD598 are not noise-cancelling headphones. They are open so they actually leak a fair amount of sound. They do not need an amp but I have heard they pair wonderfully with a Schiit Asgard, though it is a bit above your price range new, but you can generally find one used for ~$200.
  5. Nick01
    Hrrmmm....I don't know where to start

  6. Nick01
    Then welcome!
    To edit posts, look for the button on the left of the red flag at the bottom of each post.
    Cheap & good headphones??? Hrmm....How about Grado, either SR60i or SR80i. I have the 80i and very happy with it


  7. Nick01
    Or Alessandro headphones could be good too
  8. Nick01
    or AKG K242
  9. Nick01
    Actually, the Sennheiser 500 series are not bad at all. I've owned the HD598 and have listened to the HD518, and they're both very good.
  10. Nick01
    Audio Technica AD700 or AD900
  11. ccaian
    Okay now i have a choice between the AKG K 242 and the HD 598, in my list of priorities, clarity would be first, then bass then comfort and the sounstage, i like it big :D
  12. Chris_Himself
    598. Sennheiser soundstage is HUGE with that line of cans. AKG K242 is more of a studio headphone if they're anything like the K240, neutral with a bit of warmth in the mids, but I wouldn't call it a can for sheer listening pleasure.
    Clarity is good on both of them, bass is going to be better on the 598 if it's anything like the 595, comfort is good on both, I used to wear the K240's for like 5 hour gaming sessions. As for soundstage, there is just plain more space between the driver and your ear so it's simple!
    Don't get Grado, they're good for more than Rock, they're good for anything played with actual live instruments and terrible for synthesized music. They're bad for heavily produced metal too, just plain ol' organic music is great on them, but they actually won't meet ANY of your criteria! They're kind of a niche headphone.
    If you want a headphone around the 598 price range, get the 598's!
  13. wind016
    Headfonia has a great review on the Sennheiser HD598. I wrote one also.
    For the price, you would have a hard time finding another headphone with its coherent soundstaging and balance of sound.
  14. ccaian
    How about beats by dr dre?
    Nah just kidding, even an newcomer like me knows about it.
    I decided to get the HD 598, tomorrow hopefully :D.
  15. ccaian
    Oh hey I got the sennheiser and its awesome[​IMG]
    but i now need an amp the best amp for the HD 598's, maybe something around the price range of the fiio e7??!
    I don't mind a little more than that
    any help appreciated! thanks

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