Headphones for a Small Head
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Feb 3, 2009
Ok, I know this sounds stupid, but do you guys have any headphone suggestions for someone that has a small head (i.e. me)? Every pair of headphones I try on look huge on my head. I have to set every pair at their shortest size just to get them to line up w/ my ears. All tiny head jokes aside, can you guys give me any recommendations? I'm looking for a pair that's portable and works fine on iPod or Macbook power. Would the Sennheiser HD25sp's be a good choice? I'm looking for something in the $100 range.
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As for size, maybe audio-technica ath-es7 ??? they are portable headphones with smaller driver than full size headphones..
don't know much about it's sound quality however. I'm sure there is a review on them here somewhere...
here we go


and here's a picture:


a better sound option would be similar size ath-esw9 with nice wood cups and one of the best portable sound headphones but I'm afraid that is out of your budget - around $300 or so. If you are interested beware that there are a lot of fakes out there of esw9's...I just googled and found prices as low as $48!

good luck with your search and I'm sure others will chime in soon to help you out...
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PX100 is probably one of the more minimalist portable headphones that I can think of.

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