Headphones around 500-1000€ for mixed usage (gaming, music, etc.). Audeze Mobius or LCD-GX good options?
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Nov 15, 2019
Hello everyone.

I am willing to buy a headphone for mixed usage (gaming, music, etc.) that can offer me a great sound quality. Durign the last weeks I have been reading about the Audeze Mobius and the Audeze LCD-GX, but I want to make sure these would be a good option for me. Either open-back or closed-back are fine.

I am thinking about a budget from 500 to 1000€ (I can buy them either in Japan or in Spain). I am basically considering buying either the Audeze Mobius or the Audeze LCD-GX, so this is the reason for my budget right now. Of course, under 500€ is better; I am not sure if the price gap between the Mobius and the LCD-GX is justified in terms of sound quality, so that's also one of my main reasons for asking about it. Have you had the chance to try both of them?

Regarding the usage, I want a headphone that I can widely use with multiple sources: gaming laptop, LG Oled C8 (movies/Netflix), PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch, digital piano Korg G1 Air, Honor Note 8 smartphone (not the priority here, I prefer IEMs for this).

I also understand that I will need a DAC if I purchase the Mobius LCD-GX, so I would need some advice regarding this as well. Does the Mobius already amplify the sound somehow when used via USB connection? Maybe I'm wrong about this though.

I will mainly use the headphones at home, so noise isolation is not a must. Also, I am not a frequent traveller.
I guess I prefer balanced sound, but no specific preference here. I just want it to sound well in different scenarios. Regarding my music tastes, I mostly listen to melodic metal (power metal, melodic death metal, etc.). I also listen to some J-rock, rock and pop music like Queen, the Beatles, etc.

Overall, in terms of headphones I have little experience. I just own a Superlux HD-660 coupled with a FiiO E6 Fujiyama, and also some IEMs like the Xiaomi Pro HD and similar ones that I have been using during the last years. Regarding the Superlux, I think it sounds pretty well, clear sound overall. But since I haven't really been able to compare it with many other headphones I am not sure about what could be improved. Anyway, I am sure there is a lot of room for improvement. Something I don't like is that these are not really comfortable, so I am sure that better built headphones would really help on this issue.

In sum, I want a headphone that makes the difference in sound quality, and of course also in terms of comfort. I think that my Superlux HD-660 are not bad at all, but I am sure that something like the Audeze that I have in mind would be superior in every aspect.

Thank you so much in advance.

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