headphones around 150 $ looked at V-moda lp2 and Ultrasone Hfi 780
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Jun 30, 2012
Please suggest fast i need to order a headphone asap
will be using with laptop and Ipod
will listen to mostly all genres----trance,metal and all genres
Help me get a headphone below 150 $ range
Please suggest fast----Was looking at ultrasone --- Vmoda and shure lets see what i get
Thank You
Are you OK with open cans (they leak sound)?---------I am not ok with Leak sound
What equipment will be powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp------Dont think i would buy a amp
What is the format of your music and other sounds you will putting into these cans?-----mp3   256 kbps mosty ---Metal
Good headphones comfortable ones will not use these for 2 hrs straight.

Let me know which would be a good headphones...
Main thing i want clarity in music and Value for money spent because i wont spend this kind of money again on headPhones
Help me decide guys
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Phillips Uptown
Shure 840
---> Recommendation thread 
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If it was me I'll probably go for the Ultrasone over the Shure and V-Moda.

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