headphones AND speakers?!
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Dec 27, 2005
Hey guys,

I own a pair of HD580s and a Corda Aria. I run the Aria through the USB port on my computer. I also have a set of Klipsch Promedia 4.1 computer speakers. The Aria is great but I really like plugging my headphones directly into my computer speakers and running both at the same time. Even though the headphones aren't as detailed, having the "full-body" music experience with music that literally surrounds you and a detailed monitor (the headphones) sounds amazing to me.

Has anyone tried this? Is there a program out there that would allow me to plug the headphones to the amp and use them in conjunction with the speakers? That would be surreal.


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once, i put my rs2's on and turned up the music (my source is an e-mu 0404 usb so i had my speakers and headphones in it) both speaker volume and headphone volume were up, but i didnt realize the speakers were on, and i was thinking to myself "boy these rs2's sound AMAZING! theres huge soundstage!" well then i realized i had the speakers on as well.... so i turned them off... headphones still sounded good though
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Check out the threads where people have integrated their K-1000s with speakers, or sometimes just a subwoofer. There's information on doing it, as well.
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The first time I heard my Alessandro MS1 , I opened them up and plugged them into the receiver in my living room, put in my reference disk and was blown away. But alas, just like ueyteuor, I was blowing away the neighbors with my speaker rig too. Needless to say the MS1 is sold

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