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Headphones and IEMs (Budget and Mid-Fi) For Sale - Prices Updated 7/29 - All Must GO!!! RHA, Phonak,

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by thegame21x, Mar 7, 2013.
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  1. TheGame21x
    For Sale
    Up for sale are a couple of portable headphones and IEMs I have that I don't use anymore.
    Klipsch Image S4 - I don't have any tips or accessories with these, just the IEMs. I'm the second owner of these and they have been re-terminated with a straight plug and smell slightly of smoke from the first owner - $17
    LG Quadbeat - $15
    RHA SA950i - Received in a trade from another Head-Fier, Good condition, a couple of minor scratches on the earcups. Function as new and were given a positive review here. They're a pretty good sounding set but I don't need them. - $40
    Phonak Audeo PFE 121 - $120 Comes with stock silicone tips, filters, an unused set of comply tips and carrying case.
    Future Sonics Atrio X - $25
    Includes the case and stock tips minus one pair of small foam tips I used.
    Payments should be made through PayPal + 3.5% to cover the fees. Unless otherwise noted, the IEMs ship with only the stock silicone tips.
    Also, PLEASE PM ME IF INTERESTED! Whenever I bump this thread, I have a tendency to forget to actually check for replies. I just come in, bump the thread and leave. I'll try to be more responsive in the future but please, to minimize waiting, PM me.
  2. tjohnusa
    Just want to say the Senn238 are a nice open light can....good luck with the sale.
  3. buttons252
    Ill take the Monoprice MEP-839
  4. DevilsRightHand
    I'm interested in the XBAs but I'm in Canada, if I cover the shipping fees, would you sell to me?
  5. switchbeat
    PM Sent
  6. TWerk
    Ill buy the image s4, for 20 dollars. 
    Im sorry I cant PM you today, I only get 2 PM's a day apparently.
    Please let me know if you can sell them to me!
  7. kyan

    21$ ...
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