Headphones & amp for Foosball playing
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Jul 2, 2010
I'm on the road to being a "professional" Foosball player. I know, totally random.
Anyway, I play at the table for 6+ hours per day and need some music to keep me company. I will probably be listening to a lot of ambient music to help with concentration (think Aphex Twin). Based upon what I know, my first inclination is to pick up some HD650s and a Meier Audio Stepdance. A non-portable amp wouldn't really be viable in this context. I have a laptop stand next to my Foosball table, so it will be Macbook Pro -> Stepdance -> HD650.
I'm looking for other suggestions or +1s to my tentative choice. I'd like to keep it relatively cheap (same price range as what I've listed).
I've owned T1s, HD650s, DT990s, D7000s, and a few more in the past before switching to a pair of Swan T200B active speakers. I don't use the speakers as often as I thought I would. I listened to music more when I had headphones.
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+1, I had a chance to spend some time with HD650's not too long ago and I rather enjoyed them with things like ambient music. Anything soft and chill was wonderful. Don't have any opinion on the Stepdance though.

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