Headphone woes - Please help me out guys! I'm at a loss! Need your help.
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Aug 24, 2008
Hi guys I really hope you can help me out. I have literally been researching headphones now for 1 week solid and I am baffled by all the reviews, good and bad. So far I have owned a set of Shure E2C, then I moved up to the incredible SE530 model and although they were awesome I sold them on as I just weren't using them to justify the price tag. I then bought some Sennheiser CX95's which I was very impressed with indeed. When these died I replaced them with the new CX550's which I now have.

However now I mainly listen to music at home and I miss that thumping bass you get with speakers but also love the clarity and beautifully clear mids of the Shures. Anyway I have decided to get some full sized cans instead of in ear jobbies and that's where I need your help.

About three days ago I thought I had made my mind up and decided upon the Grado SR325is's but having read so many conflicting reviews on head-fi this discouraged me somewhat so I started looking at other cans in the same price range. My budget doesn't really stretch to the RS-1/2's. These are the cans that I am considering at the moment:

1. Grado SR325is
2. Denon D2000's (5000's if I can get them cheap enough from the US, I live in the UK)
3. AKG K701
4. Audio Technica ADTH-AD700s
5. Grado SR225i
6. Beyerdynamic's DT770 or higher

I will be mainly listening to music on my ipod touch (I know that this isn't the best source but I will be using a PA2V2 amp to boost their potential. I have also been looking at the Cowon S9 so I can utilise it's myriad of codec support like FLAC and OGG Vorbis. So basically my set up will be one of the above headphones with the PA2V2 and one of the above players. I listen to a quite expansive and varied selection of music including electronic, rock, dance, soul, indie etc etc. I do like bass but clarity and separation is paramount.

This is my first post on head-fi and I hope you guys can help me out here, all your help is appreciated more than you know. At the moment the two that I have at the forefront of my mind are the Denons and the SR325is still.

Help me out peeps!

(Denon d5000's would be great at a reasonable price imported from the states say between £200 and £250 inc shipping).
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May 20, 2008
No can is perfect. Prepare yourself for large sacrifices. I would advice you to get Grados now and wait till you can afford Denons, and then switch between them according to your taste and music, because some tracks will shine on Denons, and some on Grados. These cans are completely different, btw.

A side note: K701s would be then the last thing to get, as a complimentary can for anything else those cannot handle, but I cannot think what would it be.

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