Headphone Suggestions for HE-560 upgrade
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Aug 21, 2013
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True upgrade by your words would be what I'm after. Based on reviews the HE 1000 attracts me most, though my wallet says otherwise... Would have to listen to the LCDs myself, as I agree with you that they would be different to what I'm used to and can't get to conclusions by just reading reviews

The value of the LCD series lies in its bass IMO and many others too...so It depends upon your musical tastes to a certain extent.

I use my LCDs for psybient,some sub-bass heavy trance,most blues(old and new)and exceptionally bright tracks.
For rock,acoustic,vocals I grab my HE-500s...the mids are just too good.

So if your musical tastes do not include much bass centric music then im not sure you would get your $ worth
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Feb 23, 2016
Just tried out the TP mod, and the highs has indeed been tamed down a little bit.
Now the sound without EQ is similar to the EQ-ed one without TP modding, in which I lowered approximately 11 Khz area by 4 dB. Also I feel that the timbre is more natural than before, and imaging clearer by just a little bit. However this could be totally subjective, as I know driver damping can improve ringing and improve transients or imaging or whatever and thoughts could reinforce impressions. Maybe in reality the effect of toilet paper on transients is negligible but there's no way to know without measurements.

Now for the richer mids I could try some copper cables.....
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Oct 18, 2008
Yes definitely try cooper cable with your HE560. It is very good headphone for decent price and very universal.
Audeze try it too if you can. In my opinion LCD has better atmosphere magic, more engaging mids and overall sound is quite natural in terms of instruments vocal, that you not solve if this or something in sound is wrong which is great thing. On the other hand HiFiMAN have more real sound and more open and more airy as well. Audeze have bigger body. I like more Audeze, it is more warmer but still acurate(tight) and clear. But they both have a little similar tonal sound because of planar technology, it means natural plesant sound. 
Problem is Audeze needs neutral clear dynamic system because some models are darker, HiFiMAN is more neutral..

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