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Headphone Stands and Storage

  1. MagnaCumLaude
    Hello Head-Fi, 
         With all of our headphones we have what is the best way to store headphones.  Long-term and Short-term.  
    I was thinking about building my own headphone stand with a place for my headphone amp for short-term storage.  (While I am at school, work, away,...) Any suggestions on how to make it or any cool features?  I will post pictures when I finish it.    
    I will be leaving on an LDS mission for two years and I was wondering how I am supposed to store my headphones and headphone amps...etc.  It will probably go in a closet somewhere so how can I keep the dust off and keep it sounding the same when I return.  Any help would be awesome.  
    Thanks ladies and gents, MCL 
  2. Currawong Contributor
    I tend to keep the original packaging for storing gear. I think as long as you don't live in a very humid climate, how you store them wont be a big deal. You could wrap them in plastic or in the original box (both amps and headphones) with a packet or two of moisture absorbing material.  Moisture is the biggest enemy of electronics.
  3. roadcykler
    Somewhere around here there is a headphone stand thread that is huge with lots of pictures that would have some great ideas. I myself built a stand based on the ones that came with some way high-end Ultrasones. I just use a piece of fabric in colours that I like to cover my turntable and amp and will be making a smaller piece to cover my headphones too. 
    For long-term storage I would just use the box it came in stuck in a closet.
  4. obobskivich

    Aye. Just box them up in their factory cartons (and then wrap that in plastic, if you care about that not getting dusty). The silica is a good idea too.

    On the short-term - I use banana hooks with home made fabric covers for my headphones that don't come with cases; the ones that come with cases just stay in their appropriate cases.
  5. MagnaCumLaude
    Thanks guys for the responses, I will probably wrap my headphones in so sort of loose plastic and put them in their original boxes.  So, after a outstanding 4 hours of trying to build a headphone stand...I gave up.  [​IMG]  Me and my girlfriend tried cutting 45 degree angles from wood by hand and with a PVC pipe saw.  And then tried gluing the pieces together, then nailing, then nailing again...I might have to try just using PVC pipe and spray painting it.  
    Wish me luck, MCL    
  6. obobskivich
    I would not wrap them in plastic before putting them in their factory boxes. :xf_eek:

    As far as building a stand - might I suggest a miter box?
  7. MagnaCumLaude
    A Miter Box would be helpful...ha.  I guess I am to confident in myself .  So wrap the box in plastic, correct? 
    Thanks, MCL
  8. obobskivich
    Yeah, I'd wrap the box in plastic (or put it in a plastic bag) to prevent dust/moisture/etc from damaging the box, but not the headphones themselves (whatever their original packaging is should be sufficient as long as they're stored in a relatively stable environment).
  9. MagnaCumLaude
    Thanks for you help,  I plan on doing what you asked.  
  10. fatcat28037 Contributor
  11. DutchGFX
    I loveee making stands. I think I'm going to make em and just give em away for shipping cost on the FS forums. :)
  12. vid
    Whenever possible, charge for your work.
    Oh, and never accept a backlog of orders at all.
  13. DutchGFX
    We shall see :p
  14. MagnaCumLaude
    Hey guys, I just bought a hose rack from Home Depot.  It looks great and I don't have a problem with it!  

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