Headphone stand for large headed people
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Jun 20, 2019
United Kingdom
So, I am looking for a headphone stand that fills a couple criteria:

1) Can fit headphones that are adjusted to near max. My head size means I have to wear HD800 on max, HE1K on 2nd to max, and susvara on 2nd to max as well. This means that on many typical 'arch' headphone stands, the cables press against the ground or base of the stand.

2) Will seal against the headphones. The only headphone stands i'd found so far that wouldn't require me to adjust the headphones every time are pictured below. The issue is that the pole design means on headphones like HE1K where the pads press against eachother, the pole leaves an indent over time, and for cans where pads are separate, like HD800, there is potential for dust to settle in the cups over time. I also just prefer the aesthetic

Does anyone have any suggestions for a stand that might do this? Ideally not too expensive. Thanks!
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What about the Woo Audio stand? It extends quite high.
That looks pretty close, though unfortunately doesn't offer the ability to seal the cups :frowning2:

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