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headphone sightings?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by driftwood, Mar 7, 2002.
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  1. owkia
    I saw some unfortunate guy with Skullcandys on the other day.
  2. Assorted

    Originally Posted by Cowon_1 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Man I never see anyone with any good iem's or headphones...I think I have to move to a different location..lol..
    I see some people wearing headphones of the same style as the Koss KSC75's, and when I tell them about the KCS75's and how good there are for the money they look at me like I'm crazy..[​IMG]
    Most of the people I see at the gym have ipods and they use the Sony iems..or just the stock ibuds..
    There is this one guy that wears a fanny pack with some portable CD player and some gigantic cheap Sony cans while he's on the treadmill..

    I would also think you're crazy if you just suddenly started talking about headphones [​IMG]

    Yay I saw somebody wearing the DJ AT can in the streets.
  3. Tipped_Pro95
    Red super fi 5 pros at bally's this morning
  4. flohmann
    On a flight on Southwest, the guy who sat next to me had a Shure e3c out of an iPod, which was noteworthy because that's what I was using, too.
  5. SoSpecial
    Some DT 990's on this video, I wonder what headphones those are in the back.
  6. Nuwidol
    Coming back from a concert once I saw a guy with a pair of UM1s. I know they were UM1s & not UM2s because after he saw my customs he almost wet his pants & started talking to me for the next 20 minutes. He asked me who I worked for which I thought was a strange question at first but then realised he thought I was in the music business. He himself was a sound engineer & he had actually been working with the artist I had just seen (Sia) a few days before for a British TV show (later with jools holland).

     That's the extent of my sightings really. Apart from a kid I see in the gym using a pair of denon 1001s. They look silly in there too but I never tell him :)
  7. Hero Kid
    I saw a guy in Melbourne using HD 25-1s and stopped him in the supermarket and asked him about them. I'd never seen any 'phones over a value of $50 and at the time was considering purchasing them so it was great to talk to someone about them!
  8. AsrielnAyane
    1st post here at head-fi!
    I live in Brooklyn, and during my daily train rides to and from my school, I see dozens of apple headphones, dozens of those cheap Sony earphones that come in all different colors, one or two Beats by Dre, a few pairs of Sony noise cancelling headphones, one Koss UR40 and a few other no name brand headphones. As for me... I don't even have a MP3 player (yet) so I just sit on the subway wishing I could have my ATH-A700s on all the time. 
    Edit: The Bose... how the hell did I ever manage to forget about those overrated pieces of s***? Every time I see one I think: "Damn.. that cord looks flimsy."
    Edit 2: Also, skullcandy. I can't count the number of times I've gotten into a conversation about headphones and the person I'm talking with claims that skullcandy is good.
  9. bjonbjonbjon
    all i see is dr.dre beatz whatever u call them, skull candy's, TONES of iBuds..nothing worth mentioning to be honest on my daily commute in melbourne trams..
  10. Sonic Atrocity
    One time I saw this really cute girl on the train and was gonna talk to her. Then I saw that she was using crappy ipod earbuds and almost didn't talk to her because of it hahahahaha.
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    It's 'tonnes', mate, not 'tones'.

    ookic likes this.
  12. Lex

    or "tons"
  13. tkalee
    I was walking around Newtown and saw some guy wearing what looked like RE0s over the ear, except the stem out of the housing was really long, the same length as e.g. the FX500s.
    Can anyone identify them?  The reason I saw they looked like RE0s was purely because they had a shiny aluminium circle in a black body.
  14. dkschlaefer
    Saw someone at the bus stop with a pair of MDR-V6 on my way to work yesterday.
  15. paulypaul


    did they look like these ? [​IMG]
    These used to make me look like frankenstein.
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