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headphone sightings?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by driftwood, Mar 7, 2002.
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  1. EdipisReks
    i've seen E2c's, E3c's, QC2's, and Senn 497's. lots and lots of stock iPod phones. even worse, a lot of very good musicians at the college conservatory at my school think the stock pod buds sound great. you would think they'd know better.
  2. cetoole
    At UMCP, I know 1 guy who has SR-125, I have seen several people with various bose headphones, lots of sony and apple ipod buds. I only use my HD580 in my dorm room, it feels odd walking around with them, and I just got my E2c, so no one has seen me with them.
  3. SamL88
    Well since I'm at high school I don't expect much. All I see are Sony street headphones, Sony EX-71 (white version), and iPod buds.
  4. teknovin2
    on my camp out here in kuwait there is a post exchange which sells a slim selection of headphones from cheap plastic no name brands to the bose triports and those bose $260 noise cancelling headphones, so those are all i see around. Im in communications and work in a trailer and i wore my hd650's for a bit before i sent them home so they they wouldn't get ruined. Now i wear my e2c's. i let a few buddies listen to the hd650's ampless and now each of wants me to find them a set of senn's. im lookin for the hd555's for one and hd580's for the other =)... gotcha bitches haha. [​IMG]
  5. etys rule
    Let's hear it for Staten Island. For the first time ever, I spotted some guy on an express bus sporting a pair of SR-80's. Now, I've worn my SR-80's on the bus before but could not hear well at all, and the person sitting next to me said she could hear the music as well. I know he saw me with my Ety's in my ears, but probably doesn't post here. (or maybe he does)
  6. Thaddy Contributor
    I finally saw someone today on campus who didn't have stock iPod buds or cheap Sony street styles. Unfortunately, he was wearing the Tri-Ports with his iPod. A friend saw me with my E5's and I let him try them out with his 4G iPod and he was in awe, he jaw dropped and couldn't believe how much better they sounded. Now I've got him looking into some E3's or E4's [​IMG]
  7. tiberian
    saw a pair of senn hd 25s.
  8. Sphinx89
    People at my school always look in awe at peole with silver, sorta stylish earbuds. The stock ones which come with players.

    Most dont care about sound, or know what to look to look for so dont know better. Everyone i know uses stock earbuds.

    so when i told some people i was buying sony MDR-EX71SL for £25, they all laughed, saying i could pick some up for about £4

    see what i mean [​IMG]
  9. jerb
    in my school you see the stock headphones (lots of ipod buds... YUCK) and alot of sony street style fones (the behind the neck ones and these little over the ear ones


    does no one care about sound or are they all that ignorant!?
  10. Rice

    Originally Posted by Driftwood
    so, I am a masters student at a east coast US university, and being interested in headphones, I keep a close eye out for anyone who may be wearing headphones around campus. Unfortuately, the best that I have seen around here is one guy with a MD player who seems to have replaced his earbuds with some sennheiser HD 433s. (i think that is the model?) everyone else seems to wear the phones that came with their player. One guy I think had a KSC-55 but I might be wrong.

    I can't be the only one who appreciates good sound! What is wrong with these people??!?!?!


    Anyone else keep an eye out for what other people are wearing headphone-wize?


    I saw a guy wearing er4p in library last year.
  11. Joy Divisioner
    Walking back from class today I saw a guy with HD280s on. I too have these phones, but I've never worn them out (currently using EX71s until my etys arrive). Anyway, you better believe this guy was gettin some looks... [​IMG]
  12. aeriyn
    I had to walk to the bank today because there was no parking (around the university, it's crowded with cars) and I saw a guy sitting at the bus stop, with what looked like a Sony D-NE10, a Headroom Airhead amp and KSC-35s. I could just barely see them under his knit cap since it was cold out.
  13. IstariAsuka
    I saw a guy with what appeared to be e2c's today. I didn't get the best look, but they were definately a non-Sony canalphone, and looked like shures. This is my second headphone sighting. [​IMG]
  14. erikzen Contributor
    Funny, I saw a guy using E2s yesterday too. He was sitting right next to me on the train and had them plugged into his iPod.
  15. Mouzike
    saw the old black 325 with an ipod on the way home from downtown Montreal. I myself have worn my HD 600 outside before...hopefully they inspired questions and longing for good sound in others... [​IMG]
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